The Bachelorette fans are worried about Rachel Recchia’s post-filming silence

Rachel Recchia
Rachel Recchia has gone off the grid. Pic credit: ABC

Rachel Recchia won over the hearts of Bachelor Nation during Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor.

When Clayton broke up with Rachel and one of the other final women, Gabby Windey, simultaneously, it not only broke the heart of Rachel, but it broke the hearts of viewers, too.

Now Rachel is with her counterpart and Bachelor bestie, Gabby, as they have been searching for love once again on the first-ever co-Bachelorette season.

While production promised the girls would not be pitted against each other, fans are currently concerned about Rachel because it seems she has disappeared after filming the season.

What was said about Rachel to make fans worry?

According to @getncozywitherin on Instagram, “Filming has wrapped for the dual Bachelorette season! Gabby shared a story the other day, and most of the men have returned from being off the grid. But, Rachel herself is still MIA (thinking face emoji).”

She went on to state and ponder, “Maybe she’s taking some extra breathing, or something else is up? Hope she’s doing ok post-show!”

Bachelor fans are wondering what’s going on with Rachel Recchia

One person wrote, “She’s been bachelorized,” meaning this may be something she was told to do by production to arise suspicion or speculation before the show airs this summer.

One fan says Rachel Recchia has been bachelorized.
Pic credit: getncrazywitherin/Instagram

While other fans commented on how beautiful and gorgeous Rachel looked in the post and always, others talked about their concern for her seemingly disappearing after the filming ended.

One woman declared, “Send good vibes to Rachel,” while another claimed, “Yeah …. If it went the same as her last go … I feel bad for her. Doesn’t seem their best interests are always taken into account as a priority. I mean I get that it’s entertainment, but humans desire love and it’s sad when people take it for granted. Wishing her well (red heart).”

Fans are concerned and are wondering if Rachel is okay after filming.
Pic credit: @getncrazywitherin/Instagram

Rachel and Gabby both deserve to find love, especially after how it all went down with Clayton.

Where is Rachel Recchia?

Also, with all of the new firsts this time around, Rachel could just be winding down or feeling overwhelmed at this point in time.

Viewers already heard that Rachel was rejected more than once when the women presented the men they wanted to date with a rose, and they could either accept or turn it down.

It sounds like while Gabby has posted since filming ended that Rachel has not yet. Now whether that’s on purpose, she’s just taking a break, or she’s heartbroken, that’s yet to be determined. Stay tuned, Bachelor Nation!

The Bachelorette premieres Monday, July 11th, on ABC.

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