The Bachelorette: Ethan Kang is out to break Bachelor franchise stereotypes

Ethan Kang
Ethan Kang breaks stereotypes. Pic credit: @ethankang1/Instagram

Over the years, there have been numerous stereotypes about the Bachelor franchise as a whole, including the lack of diversity in the shows.

As the only Asian contestant on this past season of The Bachelorette with Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey, Ethan has spoken out.

Ethan has talked about his Korean-American heritage and how he was the only Asian-American on the show this season.

While Ethan is hopeful that there will be more Asian representation in the future of the show, for now, he has taken it upon himself to break the stereotype.

Ethan was offered Rachel Recchia’s rose when she and Gabby broke into their own groups, and he continued to make the cut as the rose ceremonies happened.

It was just this past week that Ethan was cut, which to him, was a win. He felt like he was able to represent his Korean-American heritage and break the stereotype that Asian men and women not making it far on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette.

Ethan Kang states he broke stereotypes in the Bachelor franchise

On his Instagram page, Ethan Kang posted a video of himself as he drove in his car.

In the video, he added music to the background and he flashed a peace sign to viewers with his shades on.

The caption on his video stated, “When they say Asians don’t make it past the first or second rose ceremony,” and he then captioned his post by writing, “Breaking stereotypes one rose at a time.”

Bachelor Nation commented on Ethan’s clip and captions

Besides giving Ethan fire flame emojis and a crown emoji, fans claimed, “Ethan Kang the KING,” as well as “SAY IT LOUDER AHHH breaking those glass ceilings.”

One user even went a step further as that person wrote, “and next, hopefully our first Asian bachelor!!!! #ethanforbachelor.”

Bachelor Nation calls Ethan Kang a king.
Pic credit: @ethankang1/Instagram

A couple of other viewers also agreed that Ethan should be the next Bachelor, or at the very least, the franchise should get an Asian Bachelor in the very near future.

Two others joked as they posted, “you showed them,” and “nobody puts Ethan in a corner.”

Other fans want to see Ethan as the next Bachelor.
Pic credit: @ethankang1/Instagram

While Ethan got far in the competition for Rachel’s heart on the show and has been talked about with the one-liner he had about Tino Franco and his behavior, Bachelor Nation fans wouldn’t be upset if he was now named as the lead for the next Bachelor.

Will the franchise and creator, Mike Fleiss, listen to the fans? Or will he go with someone else?

The Bachelorette airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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