The Bachelorette alum Blake Moynes shaves his beard for the first time in 10 years

Blake Moynes
Blake Moynes makes a drastic change. Pic credit: ABC

Blake Moynes was a contestant on Clare Crawley’s turned Tayshia Adams’ The Bachelorette season before appearing as a surprise on Katie Thurston’s season.

When Bachelor Nation saw Blake on both of these seasons of The Bachelorette, he always had a beard. Now, after years and years of having that beard, Blake decided to shave it in its entirety, much to the shock of his fans.

In fact, Blake turned to Instagram to display his new look as he posted a photo and a video of it.

Blake Moynes shared his new shaved look to his Instagram page

He captioned his post, “I did a thing. 10 years, 10. Yes? … no? I don’t know..”

Listening to the video, it seemed as if Blake just got a wild hair to shave it off, but he then relayed to viewers that no one would see him completely shaved without facial hair ever again.

While he commented he might do something different like a goatee or a mustache instead, he was emphatic that, after this time, he would always have some sort of facial hair moving forward.

What did fans have to say about Blake Moyne’s new look?

Fans gave their input on whether or not they were there for Blake’s new look. The first two to comment were Bachelor Nation’s Blake Horstmann and The Bachelor host Jesse Palmer.

Blake insisted that he was, “Soooo kind of into it,” and Jesse Palmer wrote jokingly, “Where is Blake and what did you do with him…”

Pic credit: @blakemoynes/Instagram

It did seem as if Blake was having a hard time recognizing himself when he made the video to show off the drastic change.

Two other viewers loved the look as they wrote, “Brings out your eyes so much more and yes makes you look younger,” as well as “Hot af both ways…not many can’t pull that off.”

Pic credit: @blakemoynes/Instagram

What happened between Blake and Katie Thurston?

While on Katie’s season of The Bachelorette, Blake actually went on to win the season and proposed to her at the end of the show after receiving the final rose.

As the couple left engaged and happy, it was only about six months before their split was announced, which was apparently Katie’s choice.

Cheating allegations were surrounding the breakup, as not long after the couple’s split, Katie started dating another contestant from her season, John Hersey. The two are still dating today and seem happier than ever.

While Blake hasn’t moved on yet, he has tried to change his look with this facial hair shave. According to him, his next move will be to grow it back out.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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