John Hersey sends Katie Thurston a Valentine’s Day message using her ex Aaron Clancy’s face

Aaron Clancy
John Hersey wishes Katie Thurston a Happy Valentine’s Day with help from Aaron Clancy. Pic credit: ABC

Plenty of Bachelor Nation stars celebrated Valentine’s Day, with some sharing more heartfelt messages to their significant others and some going the more humorous route. 

John Hersey was in the second camp as he shared an amusing Valentine for girlfriend Katie Thurston that incorporated one of her more memorable exes from The Bachelorette Season 17. 

John Hersey makes reference to Aaron Clancy’s common catchphrase 

Feeling festive, John Hersey took to Instagram to humorously profess his love for Katie Thurston. 

John shared a Valentine’s note that featured the words “I love you” at the top in big bold print against a light pink backdrop. The bottom of the image read, “To: Katie From: John” which all felt pretty standard for a classic Valentine. 

However, it’s the middle of the image that stands out as it features a big red heart with Aaron Clancys face on it. Below the heart, the Valentine message reads “Facts” in big bold print. 

John Hersey Instagram story
Pic credit: @johnalexhersey/Instagram

The Valentine calls back to Bachelor in Paradise Season 7.

Bachelor in Paradise viewers will recall that “facts” became a common catchphrase for Aaron while on the island. 

John tagged Aaron in his post as Aaron has remained friends with Katie and John after they all appeared on The Bachelorette. 

While some would find it odd to incorporate an ex in a Valentine message, the unconventional world of The Bachelor often plays by different rules. 

Katie Thurston writes a poem for John Hersey 

Katie took a more romantic approach to her Valentine’s Day message for John as she expressed her love for him in rhyme. 

Taking to her Instagram, Katie shared a photo of her and John smiling against a clear blue sky and a sparkling ocean. 

Katie captioned the post, “My heart danced in a way that was new. A crowded room but felt like us two. Some talk about Cupid or love at first sight. I never understood until that very same night. Your eyes, that smile, you energized my soul. You ignited my world, leaving me whole. Once you found a rose floating at sea. I can’t help but think we were always meant to be.” 

Katie concluded the poetic caption by writing, “My every day Valentine” along with tagging Hersey and including a white heart.

It certainly seems Katie and John are continuing to love and laugh in their relationship. 

The Bachelorette is currently on hiatus on ABC. 

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