The Bachelor: You’ll never believe who slid into Teddi Wright’s DMs

Teddi Wright
Teddi Wright reveals who has recently slid into her DMs. Pic credit: ABC

Teddi Wright seemed to be a fan-favorite (except with Nick Viall) and a front-runner from the beginning of this season of The Bachelor, with Clayton Echard as the leading man.

However, Teddi was unexpectedly sent home by Clayton Echard before their hometowns, which shocked Bachelor Nation.

Tonight, on the Women Tell All, Teddi reveals a shocking secret to fans, viewers, and the other women as she sits in the hot seat with Jesse Palmer asking her questions.

What was the burning question Jesse Palmer asked Teddi Wright while she was in the hot seat?

Jesse starts the conversation with Teddi and says, “A little birdie told me that somebody, in particular, slid into your DMs…Who was it that reached out to you?”

As Jesse states “a little birdie,” Teddi immediately looks over to the panel of women with an, “Oh, no, you did not tell him this” look on her face.

Teddi seems pretty tight-lipped as Jesse waits for her response, almost like she doesn’t want this secret to come out at all. As she contemplates whether or not to say the name of the man who slid into her DMs, Jesse eggs her on saying, “You’ve gotta clear this up for us.”

Teddi continues to smile and giggle anxiously, as the camera flashes over to Genevieve Parisi, who has her hands cupped around her mouth. Genevieve is yelling, “Don’t make me say it, Teddi; don’t make me say it.” It may be safe to say that Genevieve was the person who Teddi had been glancing at earlier when Jesse asked Teddi this specific question.

Who does Teddi reveal was the man who slid into her DMs?

As the women cheer and ask for the name of this man, Teddi finally budges and says, “Ummm, Clayton’s brother did reach out to me.”

The screams, yells, and faces of the other women and the audience members are noteworthy as they are in shock about what Teddi just revealed.

Teddi goes on to say, “I didn’t reply…Ummm…yeah. I will say one Echard boy in my lifetime was enough for me,” as she laughs it off.

While the girls are stunned with this announcement and revelation, Bachelor Nation can’t help but wonder if Clayton knows this tidbit of information, or if he’ll be just as shocked to hear what Teddi dishes out.

Teddi didn’t take home Clayton’s final rose, so who will?

Teddi was the recipient of Clayton’s first impression rose and also revealed to Clayton during their one-on-one that she is a virgin. Clayton received some backlash after this conversation happened for what he said back to Teddi.

While fans thought Teddi would definitely make it to hometowns, and possibly fantasy suites, Clayton wasn’t feeling it as much as people thought he was.

Who is Clayton feeling it with? Will he ultimately choose Susie Evans, Gabby Windey, or Rachel Recchia? Or will Clayton end up alone at the end of this whole process? Fans will have to tune in to find out.

The Bachelor airs Monday at 8/7c on ABC.

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