The Bachelor: Teddi Wright discusses how she felt with Clayton’s shock over her virginity

Teddi Wright
Teddi Wright talks about how she felt after Clayton’s reaction to her virginity news. Pic credit: ABC

Teddi Wright, who was a contestant on this season of The Bachelor, was eliminated in last week’s episode. In fact, Teddi herself and Bachelor Nation fans were shocked at her elimination.

While Teddi got more comfortable with Clayton and their relationship, she decided on their one-on-one date to open up to him and let him in on her secret… that she is a virgin.

When Teddi revealed to Clayton that she was waiting to have sex until she is married, Clayton looked absolutely shocked. In fact, he said the words, “I would have never known,” after she told him.

Teddi Wright talked about how she felt about Clayton’s reaction to hearing she is a virgin

Teddi was the featured guest on yesterday’s Bachelor Happy Hour podcast with co-hosts Becca Kufrin and Serena Pitt. When the two women asked Teddi how she felt about Clayton’s reaction to her news, she talked about how she was not offended.

However, she did reveal that she wasn’t expecting the fact that it “caused Clayton ‘some concern.’”

Clayton received a great deal of backlash and criticism from fans after he responded to Teddi’s news with the phrase “I would have never known.” Many viewers took to social media to write comments and tweets about Clayton’s statement.

Even after the conversation of Teddi showing vulnerability and opening up, and Clayton making the proclamation he did, Teddi still received a rose at the end of the date.

Teddi went on to state during the podcast, “I am very sexual and I like to talk about it, and I don’t mind that… I don’t think that’s really normal for virgins, at least what society sees. You see us making out in every episode, so I understand why he was shocked.”

She then talked about how Clayton may have been surprised by hearing the words she told him because of the stereotype that society puts on virgins and the word virginity. But because he feels she is a “sexual person,” she doesn’t feel like that stereotype fits her.

Teddi’s journey during her time on The Bachelor

Teddi received Clayton’s first impression rose during episode one of this season, and it seemed that Clayton was really into Teddi from the time she stepped out of the limo through the first half of the show.

However, according to Clayton, his other relationships had progressed more quickly than theirs, which led him to send Teddi home before the hometowns, shocking everyone involved.

To hear all of Teddi’s topics of conversation with Becca and Serena, tune in and listen to the entire podcast The Bachelor Happy Hour.

The Bachelor airs Mondays 8/7c on ABC.

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