The Bachelor winner Susie Evans addresses future with Clayton Echard

Susie Evans
Susie Evans talks about long-distance with Clayton Echard. Pic credit: @susiecevans/Instagram

After his season of The Bachelor aired, Clayton Echard and his season winner, Susie Evans, moved to Susie’s hometown of Virginia Beach.

However, just recently, the two revealed that they will be moving out of Virginia and to separate states.

The couple is staying together, but Susie is heading to Los Angeles, California to pursue her career, and Clayton is heading back to Scottsdale, Arizona.

While the two have both been extremely active and present on their social media accounts as a couple and as influencers, they want to chase their individual dreams, too.

Clayton opened up about their decision to move to different states on a recent podcast, and now Susie is doing the same in a fan Q & A.

As the twosome has been living together for the past few months, they are ready for the challenge of a long-distance relationship and to pursue their individual passions.

The Bachelor winner Susie Evans answered questions about her long-distance relationship with Clayton Echard

During an Instagram Q & A, Susie was asked if she was really moving to L.A. and if she and Clayton were truly going to try out the whole long-distance thing.

She answered, “Kind of! I don’t have a place to live after this month. He’s going to be in Arizona looking for a house to buy, I’ll be AirBnbing in LA. (if anyone hears of any job openings in projection, let me know!) We plan to go back and forth and see how we like both spots.”

Another viewer asked if Susie Evans and Clayton Echard had plans to be in one place

When asked by another fan if she and Clayton plan on choosing a place to settle down together, she declared that they’re hoping for it to be Arizona or Virginia… or maybe even both eventually.

In Susie’s ideal world, they would have houses in both states, where Susie could still be close to her family as well as Clayton’s.

As fans have doubted the couple ever since they heard the news that they would be moving to different states, it seems as if Susie and Clayton are as much in love as ever.

In fact, Susie claimed when talking about Clayton over this past year, “A lot of people would have crumbled, but instead he opened himself up to growth and became a better person and partner. I feel lucky to have him.”

The Bachelorette airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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“We don’t want people to say ‘I told you so’ yet…”