The Bachelor: Clayton Echard says he isn’t sure what the future holds for him and Susie Evans

Clayton Echard
Clayton Echard talks about his relationship with Susie Evans. Pic credit: @claytonechard/Instagram

Following Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor and all of the controversy surrounding his decisions and actions, he ultimately ended up with Susie Evans.

After the show aired, Susie and Clayton moved in together back in Susie’s hometown of Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Their escapades, travel, and fun times have all been documented via the couple’s Instagram Stories and accounts.

As Bachelor Nation fans have watched Clayton and Susie go from the unknown to madly in love, they have rooted for them and their relationship.

However, now viewers are wondering if there is trouble in paradise between the duo as an announcement has come out.

Clayton just revealed that he and his girlfriend are moving from Virginia: Separately.

Clayton Echard announced that he and Susie Evans are moving

Recently, the former Bachelor lead was a guest on the Dear Media’s Not Skinny But Not Fat podcast, and he revealed something that fans found shocking.

He declared that while he will be moving back to Scottsdale, Arizona, Susie has decided to move to Los Angeles for the time being.

Clayton stated, “We’re like, ‘We don’t know if it’s going to be a month-long [relationship] from here or if it’s gonna be lifetime but, like, there’s no pressure. Let’s just love each other and be thankful.”

He then stated, “We’re very, very happy right now and in a really great spot, but yeah, we went through it – together, though. Thankfully, she’s been on my side and that’s the only reason why I can sit here with so much positivity is because of her.”

Clayton Echard stated why the two are making this move separately

When asked on the podcast why the twosome is going to separate after they made the move together to Virginia, Clayton said that it was so they could both individually chase their dreams.

They both, he said, felt like the 50-minute flight was doable, and they could visit each other every weekend.

Clayton also said that Susie was up for the challenge as well as he announced, “And we’ll see. We don’t know if we’re going to like that long-distance.”

While Clayton even stated that he’s sure some people will think this is just the beginning of the end of their relationship and are skeptical that this isn’t a separation, Clayton said otherwise.

He promised that he and Susie are good, great even, and seemed to follow the phrase that some absence will make the heart grow fonder and a little distance wouldn’t hurt.

During the podcast, Clayton explained, “If it doesn’t work, and we’re like, ‘We don’t like this distance, it’s hurting us,’ then one of us will move to the other person.”

Bachelor Nation viewers, and fans of Clayton and Susie, are just crossing their fingers that what Clayton said is true, and he and Susie are totally fine and will end up better than ever.

For the entire podcast episode of Dear Media’s Not Skinny But Not Fat and Clayton Echard, click here.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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