The Bachelor: Where was Gabby Windey’s mom on the hometown visit and why wasn’t she mentioned?

Gabby Windey
Gabby Windey talks about where she and her mom stand. Pic credit: ABC

Gabby Windey is currently one of Clayton Echard’s final three women on The Bachelor. She, along with Rachel Recchia and Susie Evans, are all still vying for Clayton’s final rose.

However, last week during hometown visits, viewers saw Clayton meet Gabby’s aunt, uncle, cousin, and grandpa (who quickly became a Bachelor Nation fan-fave). Gabby seemed extremely close to all of her family members who were there to meet and visit Clayton.

After watching, viewers saw Gabby’s dad show up with signs which were emotional for Gabby because he is who she is closest to. Due to his significant other having cancer, he couldn’t meet Clayton with COVID-19 running rampant at the time. But where was Gabby’s mom?

Bachelor Nation wonders why Gabby Windey’s mom wasn’t present for hometowns with Clayton Echard

Fans have been wondering where Gabby’s mom was during hometowns and why she wasn’t there to meet Clayton and support Gabby. It turns out that “Gabby and her mom are not on the best of terms.”

According to Gabby, her mother, Rosemary Hewitt, was not really there for Gabby as she grew up, both mentally and emotionally, which is why they don’t really have a relationship now.

Gabby has said, “As kids, she was really physically affectionate, and then she would, like, flip and kind of withhold her love…I was like, ‘If my mom could stop loving me, why can’t anyone else?’”

Obviously, Gabby has been hurt by her mom in the past, which has led to some issues between them still today. As Gabby and Clayton talked with Gabby’s other family members, her mom was never once mentioned. Moreover, it looked as if all the family members who were there were from Gabby’s dad’s side of the family.

What is going to happen with the final three women and Clayton?

While Clayton still has a huge decision to make among the three final women, it appears that he and Gabby have fun on the day portion of their overnight date, according to previews.

At the end of the preview, however, Gabby made the comment that she and Clayton had some things to talk about before he would be able to make the decision on whether or not to propose.

It has also been shown that Clayton has told all three women that he loves them, and he allegedly slept with the final two; in turn, the women are not happy.

In fact, it has led viewers and Bachelor Nation to wonder if Clayton even ended up with anyone at the end of this season. Only time will tell as the finale airs on Monday, March 14.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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