The Bachelor viewers take aim at Leslie Fhima after conversation with Kelsey Anderson

Leslie Fhima on The Bachelor
Leslie Fhima offered some surprising advice to Kelsey Anderson. Pic credit: ABC

On the latest episode of The Bachelor, we got to see three fan-favorites from The Golden Bachelor return again.

This time around they were on board to give the remaining three women some advice before they headed out on their Fantasy Suite dates with Joey.

There were a couple of interesting things about this latest Golden Bachelor cameo, with the first being that the only one of them to even make it to Fantasy Suites was Leslie.

Susan and Sandra were also there to give advice but they didn’t make it nearly as far in their journey with Gerry Turner.

The second interesting thing, as pointed out by Reality Steve, is that The Bachelor women likely had no idea who The Golden Bachelor cast was.

That’s because The Golden Bachelor was airing as The Bachelor cast began filming so they wouldn’t have actually watched the show before or during that time – and it’s been suggested that producers must have briefed Daisy, Kelsey, and Rachel on who these women even were before they filmed these segments.

What doesn’t surprise us is that Leslie offered up some advice to Kelsey that definitely had the New Orleans native doubting her connection and it’s all because of how sure Leslie was with Gerry, only to be left behind at the finale.

Leslie told Kelsey, “And I would say, just always have something in the back of your head that you might not be it. And then if you’re it, it’s amazing. And if you’re not, you have a little bit of protection.”

The Bachelor fans are not happy with Leslie Fhima

While Leslie’s advice makes sense, considering what happened to her, it certainly wasn’t what Bachelor Nation wanted to hear and it put Kelsey in a more unsure space as she headed into Fantasy Suites with Joey.

Now, viewers are taking to social media to roast Leslie for showing up and putting doubt in Kelsey’s head.

One viewer took to X (formerly Twitter) and suggested, “Maybe let’s not invite Leslie back to talk to the girls.”

Another wrote, “not leslie planting a seed of doubt in kelsey’s head this is sabotage.”

Could this affect Leslie’s chances at The Golden Bachelorette?

The Golden Bachelorette casting is still not official but there’s always been a sense that Leslie Fhima would be the lead.

Even Reality Steve predicted it would happen since Leslie finished in second place on The Golden Bachelor and did it in such a heartbreaking way.

But with The Bachelor fans turning on her for what she said, it stands to reason that she may have blown it.

Not to mention that Susan Noles was also on hand to give Rachel some advice and she made another cameo earlier in the season with the ASKN crew.

We still don’t know for sure who the lead will be and we’re hoping they’ll announce it soon. Now we can’t help but wonder if they might choose someone other than Leslie for the role.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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