The Bachelor viewers disappointed with how mental health was handled on the latest episode

Shanae Ankney
The Bachelor Season 26 saw Shanae Ankney poorly handle Elizabeth Corrigan’s mental health. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor Season 26 had no shortage of drama during the latest episode. 

One of the biggest and most disappointing storylines to come out of the episode featured castmates Shanae Ankney and Elizabeth Corrigan. 

In a blatant attempt to stand out, Shanae stirred up drama with Elizabeth and accused her of not looking at her or acknowledging her during a prior group conversation. 

Elizabeth vulnerably explained that she has ADHD, which may have impacted how she interacted with Shanae. 

Despite Elizabeth’s explanation, Shanae continued to take issue with Elizabeth and even mocked her ADHD. Shanae also exposed Elizebeth’s ADHD to the rest of the women when it was not her business to share.

The Bachelor viewers were appalled by Shanae’s behavior and took to Twitter to express their disdain both for Shanae and the producer’s handling of mental health and neurological disorders in the episode. 

The Bachelor viewers feel Shanae Ankney owes the ADHD community an apology 

Many The Bachelor viewers empathized with Elizabeth and felt that Shanae’s behavior reflected the negative stigma that can often surround ADHD. 

One viewer wrote, “I think lots of ppl with ADHD have probably had this dreaded convo before. “eVeRYoNE hAs aDhD” actually triggered me. This video sums up why we are not taken seriously.” 

Another viewer aired out their frustration with mental health issues being minimized and suggested Shanae needed to apologize. The viewer wrote, “This is why people don’t talk about mental health. It’s one thing to be annoying, it’s another to tell everyone someone has ADHD and then minimize it by saying they’re faking it. She owes Elizabeth and everyone who has ADHD an apology.”

One fan called out the way Shanae invalidated Elizabeth, writing, “Shanae just screaming about Elizabeth having ADHD and saying ‘oh well I have it too, little kids have it’ like ??ok and? You don’t invalidate someone’s mental health because you don’t understand. Elizabeth genuinely seemed apologetic for making her feel ignored.”

The Bachelor viewers call Shanae’s display inappropriate and disgusting 

One The Bachelor viewer felt the show missed an opportunity to bring more awareness towards mental health. 

The Bachelor critic wrote, “Very disappointed the Bachelor didn’t put up a full screen about mental health after that episode. Especially after Shanae made fun of it and laughed about it.”

The Bachelor viewer tweet
Pic credit: @DebbyClues/Twitter

Another critic shared how inappropriate Shanae’s behavior was, tweeting, “Elizabeth wasn’t telling Shanae she has ADHD as a sob story, she was trying to explain her behavior which Shanae interpreted as ‘rude.’ This is so inappropriate what.” 

The Bachelor viewer tweet
Pic credit: @summervee15/Twitter

Shanae’s behavior was so out of line that even her friend and fellow villain Cassidy Timbrooks couldn’t defend her. Shanae’s fellow castmate Hunter Haag also weighed in on social media and expressed her disapproval of Shanae’s actions.

First, Hunter shared a photo with text that read, “Anyone else absolutely DISGUSTED this b***h just brought up mental health in a cat fight? GOODBYE.” 

Hunter then added, “Not her discounting adult ADHD. Y’all I had to live with this girl.”

Time will tell if Shanae learns from her poor behavior and gives Elizabeth and the ADHD community a genuine apology. 

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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