The Bachelor viewers didn’t see Joey’s connection with Kelsey right away but Lexi did

Joey Graziadei looking at Kelsey Anderson on The Bachelor
Lexi knew Joey really liked Kelsey early on. Pic credit: ABC

Kelsey Anderson has quickly — and recently — become a Bachelor fan favorite.

In the more recent episodes of Joey’s season, The Bachelor viewers have fallen in love with both Kelsey and her father, Mark, a retired veteran and widower that many want to be the next Golden Bachelor star.

But in the early weeks of the show, Kelsey A. was not a frontrunner.

In fact, it feels like no one saw her coming as we all focused on Daisy Kent’s story and Maria Georgas’ drama.

But Lexi Young, who self-eliminated in Week 6, knew Joey had his eye on Kelsey early in the season.

Now, she’s opening up about what she saw and it’s no wonder Kelsey made it so far.

Lexi Young says Joey Graziadei had a connection with Kelsey Anderson the first night

While we didn’t see Joey’s connection with Kelsey A. right away, possibly due to editing, Lexi sure did. She also saw Joey connect with Daisy, though she had more insight into his relationship with Kelsey and explained how she knew who his favorites were as early as Week 1.

“I always saw him and Kelsey A. have a strong connection from night one,” Lexi told Us Weekly after the Women Tell All taping.

“I think I also saw it with Daisy, though, in a lot of ways. Kelsey A. and I were a little bit closer, and so I got to see [and] I got to hear about their connection, and I think he’s left with a very difficult decision. They both bring unique things to the table and they’re both wonderful in many ways.”

Joey Graziadei has to choose between Kelsey Anderson and Daisy Kent

After sending Rachel Nance home, Joey Graziadei is left with Kelsey Anderson and Daisy Kent as his final two — which lines up with what Lexi Young said about seeing him connect with both ladies.

Next week, we get to see who Joey decides to give his final rose to, though we’ve seen the spoiler already and even talked to Reality Steve about his initial mistake and then correction when it comes to who wins that final rose and Joey’s heart.

We’ll see all of that happen next week on The Bachelor finale, which is a whopping three hours long. Make sure to get your rest and be ready for some marathon viewing.

We’re expecting to also learn who The Bachelorette lead will be as many think it is between Daisy Kent (if she doesn’t get that rose) and Maria Georgas based on the amount of screen time and their social media followings.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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