The Bachelor viewer points out sketchy editing, producers accused of trying to ‘create more drama’

Joey Graziadei on The Bachelor
Did The Bachelor producers try to throw viewers off? Pic credit: ABC

It seems that The Bachelor producers may have edited the latest episode to throw viewers off.

That doesn’t seem too far-fetched either after a Bachelor in Paradise star recently spoke out about how the shows are creatively edited to amp up the drama.

Mari Pepin opened up about her experience with Frankenbiting, which is the art of piecing clips and soundbites together to make things sound much more dramatic, and often they are shown out of context.

This is similar to the bit of creative editing that a Bachelor viewer noticed in the latest episode.

It seems that editors may have messed up when they were panning over the remaining cast members because it gave away the fact that the moment was clearly shown out of order.

And again, it was likely done to increase the drama of the moment and to throw viewers off about who Joey may be feeling the most.

Who actually got the first rose?

It all comes down to the latest rose ceremony and who Joey actually gave a rose first this week.

On-screen, it looked like Daisy was awarded the first rose, which would further fuel the narrative that Daisy is Joey’s favorite.

However, Stefanie Parker, who runs @shesallbach on Instagram pointed out that it was actually Kelsey who got the first rose.

She showed the clips of the rose ceremony where Daisy got her rose and then where Kelsey got hers. When Kelsey was given her red-petaled ticket to the next episode, the camera panned over the other women, and Daisy was empty-handed, proving that she wasn’t actually first.

Naturally, The Bachelor viewers had a lot to say about that with one commenting, “Probably bc they want us to think it’s Daisy.”

Another wrote, “They always mix those around to create more drama.”

A third commenter called ABC “the masters of edit.”

The Bachelor comments
The Bachelor producers have been accused of creating drama where there wasn’t any. Pic credit: @shesallbach/Instagram

Reality Steve breaks down The Bachelor spoiler mistake

Those who follow The Bachelor spoilers may already know who gets Joey’s final rose at the end of this journey.

Initially, he got it wrong though, and Bachelor viewers spent a majority of the season thinking it was one woman when it was really another one.

Now, The Bachelor Spoiler King has discussed how the mistake was made and how he verified who the true winner was. Because it’s a huge spoiler about the end of this season, we won’t say who actually won it all (including Joey’s heart) here, but if you want to know, click on this.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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