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The Bachelor viewer notices a key clue from sneak peek that could hint at Clayton Echard’s fate 

Clayton Echard
The Bachelor viewers will soon learn how Clayton Echard’s journey ends. Pic credit: ABC

Clayton Echard’s journey on The Bachelor is nearing the end which means fans will soon learn if he’s engaged. 

Several Bachelor Nation insiders have suggested that Clayton’s season ends in a shocking and unexpected way which has stirred up lots of speculation. 

While it’s been suggested by producers that Clayton’s finale is near impossible to figure out, one The Bachelor fan noticed a telling clue regarding the show’s recent previews that may indicate how Clayton’s journey ends. 

The Bachelor viewer theorizes about Clayton Echard’s fate 

Recently, the Women Tell All provided lots of drama and it also provided a sneak peek into the remaining episodes of Clayton’s season.

The preview teased lots of drama and tears but there was a notable moment missing in the sneak peek trailer. 

Typically, seasons of The Bachelor end with the lead standing amongst gorgeous scenery as they hold an engagement ring and prepare to get down on one knee. 

Interestingly, the recent previews didn’t show any glimpse of Clayton holding a ring as he waits to propose. 

A viewer shared their theory based on these missing scenes, tweeting, “There are no shots of Clayton dressed up about to propose ever shown. I’m thinking he ends up alone.”

While editing can often be deceiving when it comes to The Bachelor trailers, it is interesting that the show has refrained from hinting at any sign of a proposal between Clayton and one of his final three. 

Clayton Echard falls in love with three women

While Clayton won’t be able to officially confirm his relationship status until next week’s finale, the previews have made it clear that he falls in love with each woman in his final three. 

Clayton narrowed down his choices to Gabby Windey, Rachel Recchia, and Susie Evans and it appears they are in for a wild end to the season. 

Ever since the beginning of Clayton’s season, it’s been teased that he reveals to his finalist that he fell in love with all of them and was intimate with more than one woman. The news clearly devastates the ladies and could put Clayton’s hopes of love and marriage in jeopardy. 

Tune in tonight and next week to see how Clayton navigates his final moments on The Bachelor and to learn once and for all if Clayton is engaged. 

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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  1. He fell in lust with however many women he started with and by this point, he knew he’d get what he wanted (from 2 of them anyway) if he called it love. When that didn’t work with #3, he had been taught to gaslight and unfortunately women have been taught for far too long to take it if we want “love” (and taking it has nothing to do with whether or not we are smart).

  2. He deserves to be alone …he is not ready for marriage. He needs to wait awhile until he grows up! Susie is the only one who didn’t allow herself to be used and then he puts it back on her, he’s shameful!

    • Totally agree, he got caught & then threw it back at Susie. How can you fall in “love” with 3 women, he was just hoping for a roll in the hay with all of them. Furthermore, I don’t think a lot of these girls or guys, they have no pride ! Just jump into bed with whoever!

  3. I think he ends up alone …. Clearly his declaration to Susie seemed the most genuine yet she basically said she couldn’t get past if he was so in love with her he would have foregone the other fantasy suites dates.. his true colors show when he turned the table and sent her home which showed immaturity like he was mad… dude put the shoe on the other foot !! Hooray for Susie sticking up for what she believes in.
    As for the others … hopefully they walk also… I mean who wants a man who is so wishywashy and holds back which was so obvious when he was confessing feelings.

  4. Well that wasn’t hard to figure out anybody who watched the women tell all her Jesse say that he still didn’t know how it ended. I don’t think it’s a stretch that he ends up alone and maybe he’s waiting on someone’s decision to meet him at the altar after the show is over

  5. I hope he ends up alone. And I hope Susie doesn’t come back to give him another chance. He sounded like he just wanted a 3rd night of sex with yet a different woman.

  6. This guy is so immature. the two girls slept with him to seal or prove they loved him. He used them..What He did to Susie. was so so pathetic…She followed her convictions. and he responded with anger and attacking her.. What if she said she was a virgin and was saving herself for her husband. would he have respected that ?? no, then he talks about his ” faith” and they show him in a church… get real.. maybe his faith consist of asking God to help him score on the field and off..He’s a total looser..


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