The Bachelor star Peter Weber reveals he has fears about his job during coronavirus crisis

Peter Weber
Peter Weber reveals he’s worried about his job. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor star Peter Weber is a commercial airline pilot, a profession he never hid. In fact, his job became a theme throughout his season of the show.

Peter took time off from his job to pursue his potential wife on the show and he has made no announcements about returning to work.

However, in a recent Q&A session with his fans, Peter revealed that he does worry about the airline industry.

Peter Weber reveals he is worried about his job

During the coronavirus crisis, many businesses have ceasing operations due to mandatory shutdowns. The cash-flow to pay employees isn’t there, forcing some firms to lay off employees.

Peter admits he’s still working as an airline pilot and is worried about the airline industry as a whole. When there is no business, like others, it’s possible he won’t get paid.

Peter flying
Peter Weber reveals he’s still working as a pilot. Pic credit: @pilot_pete/Instagram

When asked if he’s still working as an airline pilot, he revealed that he was.

“Yes I am. Praying that the airline industry makes it through these tough times,” he wrote.

As Monsters and Critics previously revealed, Peter works for Delta. He was able to take time off to film The Bachelor, but he hasn’t revealed whether or not he has returned4 to work.

He did, however, give a shoutout to Compass Airlines on Instagram. The company announced they were ceasing operations after the coronavirus outbreak forced them to make operational changes.

In an Instagram post, Peter revealed that he had worked with Compass before joining Delta. He also encouraged people to please take the virus seriously and stay home. Like in other industries, the virus is clearly doing a lot of damage to his.

Peter could have several options for work

After appearing on The Bachelor, Peter enjoyed several work options. Most stars on the show receive promotional offers they can share with their fans on social media for a fraction of the sales price.

In addition, Peter is very close to Bachelor producer Julie LaPlaca and since they aren’t pursuing a romantic connection, he now has someone he can call on should he want to enter the show business after his The Bachelor days.

Who knows what Peter could do if he loses his job as a pilot?

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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