The Bachelor spoilers: Who is Peter Weber hooking up with in the shower?

Peter Weber
Peter Weber hooks up with two women on the show. Pic credit: ABC

Peter Weber’s journey to find a wife is slowly coming to an end on The Bachelor.

Peter is down to three women after a dramatic hometown dates episode, and he’s one step closer to finding the woman he wants to propose to.

But before that, he has to go through the overnight dates. The previews hint that he does have sex with more than one person.

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Since Peter had sex with Hannah four times in the windmill last season, it isn’t so much whether he has sex, but more so with who.

Peter Weber hooks up with two women on Fantasy Suite dates

We already know that he showers with one of the women based on the previews that ABC released earlier this season.

And we also know that sex will happen.

As we’ve previously reported, we know that Peter hooks up with two women on the show. We know this because of the Fantasy Suite dates, but he could have hooked up with other women throughout filming.

In the previews, he is in the shower in a hotel room with a white headboard on the bed.

Peter Weber
Peter Weber hooks up with someone in the shower. Pic credit: ABC

In the second preview, he’s making out with a woman on a bed in a room with red walls.

Peter W hookup
Peter Weber hooks up with a second woman. Pic credit: ABC

But who is in the shower with Peter?

Out of the three women, we can count Madison out. She’s a virgin and has no interest in having sex before marriage. So we can count her out as being the woman in the shower.

Based on the photos above, it’s impossible to determine who is in the shower by the picture alone.

But in the second photo, the woman is wearing shoes matching ones that Victoria is wearing during the last rose ceremony.

Plus, the woman has long, straight hair, something that Victoria also has. Hannah Ann’s hair is browner and tends to be naturally curlier than Victoria.

Based on this information, we can confidently say that Hannah Ann is the one in the shower.

Peter Weber and Madison have a unique relationship

Even though Madison isn’t one of the women in the Fantasy Suites, she is still one of Peter’s favorite women on the show. And it seems that she could be one of the finalists.

Madison was recently spotted filming with a film crew in Auburn, Alabama, her hometown where she filmed her hometown date with Peter.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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