The Bachelor spoilers: Who is Clayton Echard’s final pick and are they still together?

Clayton Echard final four women
New spoilers reveal who Clayton Echard proposed to and where they stand now. Pic credit: ABC

After a ‘spoiler-proof’ season, Bachelor fans are finally getting solid answers on who Clayton Echard’s final choice is and who he is with after the show.

Reality Steve revealed not only who Clayton proposes to, but also what happens in the season finale for the first time in all 45 previous seasons.

Which contestant does Clayton Echard propose to and are they still together?

And the winner is…no one. Clayton Echard reportedly chooses to get down on one knee for fan-favorite Susie Evans, who promptly rejects his proposal.

According to Reality Steve, Susie is convinced to stay on the show despite having reservations following the Fantasy Suite dates. However, she’s not confident enough in the relationship to be able to accept a ring from The Bachelor an episode later.

“At the final rose ceremony, she [Susie] rejects Clayton’s proposal, and Clayton left Iceland single,” Reality Steve wrote.

He also said that the meaning behind his vague tweet is that he predicts viewers will begin to see Clayton’s focus pivot more toward Susie in the upcoming episodes.

The spoiler mogul said that despite many fans believing Rachel Recchia would be the final pick, Susie will instead take the spotlight before rejecting Clayton.

“Not only did Susie not end up self-eliminating at final 3, she does something we’ve never seen in 45 previous seasons of the show: reject the leads proposal,” he wrote.

Where are Clayton Echard and Susie Evans now?

Clayton is reportedly still single in light of everything that Reality Steve has learned but is not pursuing anything with runners-up Rachel or Gabby Windey.

As for how the rejection goes down, Reality Steve predicts that the shock split will happen at the actual proposal.

“The Susie rejection of his proposal at the end was not a ‘f**k you’ from what I’ve heard,” he wrote. “Did she wait until he literally got down on one knee to reject him? That’s what I’ve heard. But moreso in a ‘I can’t do this’ manner than anything harsh or contentious.”

Despite the disheartening news, Bachelor producers have previously teased that the season isn’t over yet. It’s possible that Susie and Clayton may get another chance at love at the After the Final Rose special.

It appears that despite considering self-eliminating after the Fantasy Suites, Susie was convinced to give Clayton another chance.

Viewers will have to tune in to the upcoming episodes to see if the two can reconcile once again.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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