The Bachelor spoilers: What to expect on Clayton Echard’s Women Tell All special

Clayton Echard and contestants
Clayton Echard will confront 18 of his contestants at the Women Tell All special. Pic credit: ABC

Clayton Echard’s reunited with 18 of his ex-girlfriends this week for the Women Tell All taping, and his contestants had a lot to say.

New Women Tell All spoilers reveal who was in the hot seat, who made a surprise appearance, who called out Clayton, and even hints at how the whole season ends.

Shanae Ankney reportedly refuses to apologize at the Women Tell All special

The Women Tell All special focuses on the Shanae Ankney controversy and holding Clayton accountable, according to Reality Steve.

The spoiler mogul revealed that despite getting called out by several the women, including Genevieve Parisi, Shanae never apologizes for her actions on the show.

She reportedly implies that she is being forced to attend by producers, and even accuses Genevieve of sleeping with a bartender and Aaron Clancy.

Clayton also catches heat for Shanae’s actions and apologizes for believing her over the other women.

Sarah Hamrick is reportedly accused of lying by Teddi Wright on the Women Tell All special

Sarah Hamrick is another one of the women who is confronted in the hot seat according to Reality Steve.

Teddi Wright accuses Sarah of lying on the show while others believe she was trained before coming on the show.

Sarah in turn rounds on Clayton for blindsiding her after spending an entire day portion together in Croatia. Clayton reportedly says he still questions his actions toward her.

Jesse Palmer hints at the end of the season at the Women Tell All special

Reality Steve reported that Jesse Palmer said, “I don’t know how the journey ends,” at the taping of the Women Tell All special.

This statement comes on the heels of a declaration by one of the producers that the season is not over yet.

Reality Steve himself also put out previous spoilers that appear to confirm Clayton’s love story remains unfinished.

Who will be at the Women Tell All special?

Teddi Wright and Serene Russell will reportedly also take the hot seat alongside Shanae and Sarah.

One other surprise guest will come in the form of Salley Carson, who self-eliminated before the season even began. Salley reveals that she did not apply while engaged, but was instead nominated. She also says she has no regrets about leaving.

Cassidy Timbrooks will also defend herself against the other women’s claims after becoming an early season villain.

Clayton himself will be confronted by several of the women and spend most of the time apologizing for his actions on the show.

The Women Tell All special airs on Tuesday, March 8th on ABC.

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2 years ago

Wasted season should of been more love than hate
Why were the mean women shown so much