The Bachelor spoilers: Reality Steve reveals 3 things to know about how Clayton Echard’s season ends

Clayton Echard
Reality Steve reveals how Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor ends. Pic credit: ABC

Reality Steve just revealed three major spoilers about the end of Clayton Echard’s season, but the new information has left fans with more questions than answers.

Reality Steve is opening up on what he knows about how the season ends and who Clayton ends up with after Bachelor producers announced the season was “totally spoiler-proof.”

Clayton Echard is reportedly not with any of his final three women

The biggest revelation is that Clayton doesn’t appear to be with any of his final three women now or even potentially at the end of his season.

“I’m here to tell you everything I was told led me to believe he’s seen NO ONE on Happy Couple visits since filming ended,” Reality Steve wrote.

He was told there is not a traditional ending to the show, meaning it is unlikely that fans will get the typical engagement and riding off into the sunset story that the show is known for.

Reality Steve said he doesn’t even know if a final rose ceremony happened at this point.

Clayton Echard and front-runner Rachel Recchia are reportedly not together

The second spoiler mentioned one contestant in particular.

Despite her status as a front-runner, Clayton is reportedly not with Rachel Recchia.

Reality Steve revealed that Rachel has also not been to LA since November.

Clayton Echard’s season is reportedly still unfinished as there was no finality in Iceland

However, the third spoiler left some room to hope that this season might still have a happy ending.

“Was told that there was no finality to the season in Iceland,” Reality Steve wrote. This comes on the heels of producer Mike Fleiss announcing that the season isn’t over yet.

Despite the disheartening spoilers for Clayton and his final three women on the actual show, Reality Steve speculated that viewers could see more of the drama play out at the After the Final Rose Special.

He also revealed that he hadn’t been told anything specifically about Gabby Windey or Susie Evans, the other two women in Clayton’s final three.

Reality Steve also mentioned that Clayton’s revelation of being in love with three women might play a role in what happens at the end of his season.

The uncertainty means Bachelor viewers will have to wait a little longer to see how the drama plays out and if Clayton can reconcile with his final pick.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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2 years ago

The Bachelor Show has become full of crap that it’s all about Drama not love
I think they need to shut it down. Once Chris Martin left it went to Crap