The Bachelor spoilers: Joey Graziadei shirtless for gladiator-style date, Sydney still gunning for Maria

Joey Graziadei in malta on The Bachelor
The Bachelor is heading to Malta but drama threatens Joey’s good time. Pic credit: ABC

We’re headed into Episode 4 of The Bachelor, and things are heating up on all fronts.

As with every season of The Bachelor before it, there is drama between women, but this time, it seems very clear who the villain is, and who is the victim.

Last week, viewers came to Maria’s defense as Sydney accused her of bullying and verbal abuse.

Joey ended up speaking to both women, but since he was confused about what was really going on, he gave them both a rose and an opportunity for the cattiness to continue.

It looks like that’s exactly what will happen, and if Joey doesn’t do something soon, the drama will likely overtake any fun for this season.

Let’s hope it doesn’t take over too soon because this week looks like it should be a whole lot of fun with episodes airing on Monday and Tuesday night next week.

Joey Graziadei heads to Malta with The Bachelor ladies

Ahead of Season 28, it was teased that this Bachelor cast would be heading all over the world, and now, we’re getting to see a bit of that.

Joey and the remaining cast will go to Malta for some fun – gladiator-style.

In the latest sneak peek, we see the women dressed in gladiator gear as they face off against each other with swords.

Then, the camera pans to Joey, who is shirtless in his costume while looking over the landscape and talking about how it’s “crazy to say at this stage, but I do feel like my wife is here.”

Drama with Sydney and Maria overshadows a romantic time in Malta

The scenery in Malta is beautiful, and Joey enjoys some really great times with the women on the trip while dancing and kissing – lots of kissing.

But the drama between Sydney and Maria is still going. It’s getting worse as Sydney declares in the clip that “Joey is trying to find his wife and it is 110% not Maria.”

Then, she goes to Joey to snitch again, this time claiming that Maria attacked her. That leads to Joey confronting Maria again about Sydney’s accusations, and Joey seems to be over the girl feud that just won’t go away.

Does that mean Maria’s time on The Bachelor is in jeopardy? It would be awful if she went home because of Sydney’s ridiculous claims.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC with a special Tuesday episode next week too.

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