The Bachelor viewers are already talking about who they want as The Bachelorette

Maria on The Bachelor
Maria is among the women The Bachelor fans want to see on The Bachelorette. Pic credit: ABC

We’re only three episodes into Season 28 of The Bachelor, but some Bachelorette fans are already looking ahead.

In the past, leads for the upcoming season of Bachelor and Bachelorette come from the season they were cast in before that.

And it looks like those watching Joey Graziadei’s season hope that doesn’t change.

Because many are already pointing out who they want to see on future spinoffs.

Some are already making suggestions for Bachelor in Paradise.

But more importantly, we’re already seeing who Bachelor Nation wants to see as the next star of The Bachelorette.

Who do The Bachelor viewers want as The Bachelorette lead?

With this season of The Bachelor barely getting started, it seems a bit early to be already campaigning for The Bachelorette, but here we are.

And while we know who wins The Bachelor thanks to early spoilers, we don’t want to spoil it right here, so this is all just chit-chat at this point.

But one viewer tuned in with their pick for The Bachelorette, and it would be a revenge pick, for sure. They tweeted, “Maria for Bachelorette for the ultimate revenge on Sydney, it’s only fair.”

Another threw Maria’s name out as The Bachelor viewers start to like her more and more. They also predicted Daisy as the winner.

They tweeted, “What a shame. Some really amazing ladies went home tonight and Sydney, the pot stirrer, stayed. Can we just move to the final episode? Daisy gets the ring and Maria is the new bachelorette. Shipped.”

Of course, we can’t all agree on one person, though, and we’re not mad at this call to give Katelyn the top spot.

Here’s who they definitely don’t want to see on The Bachelorette

One Bachelor cast member who has quickly turned herself into the villain is Sydney.

She tried to take aim at Maria, accusing her of bullying and being a mean girl. But Bachelor Nation quickly pointed fingers at her instead, saying Sydney is the real problem.

Now, The Bachelor viewers are so tired of her drama-starting ways that they’re already saying no way to Sydney in a lead role, with some even laughing about it.

One viewer took to X (formerly Twitter) to laugh about the thought of Sydney being The Bachelorette. They wrote, “Sydney thinks she’s gonna be the bachelorette by snitching on Maria.”

Then they came back to laugh about it some more. This time, they wrote, “Sydney is annoying asf omg stfu your not gonna be the bachelorette.”

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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Debra Frederick
Debra Frederick
22 days ago

Maria as Bachelorette is a horrible idea. She is unlikeable and way too full of herself.