The Bachelor spoilers: Is villain contestant only staying for Fantasy Suites for ratings?

Peter Weber
Peter Weber is filming his overnight dates. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor’s Peter Weber is busy this week in Australia. After eliminating Kelsey last week after hometown dates, Peter is ready to get to know the final three ladies much better.

He has three women left — Victoria, Madison, and Hannah.

Over the past couple of weeks, viewers have learned of a few spoilers about Victoria. Reality Steve has revealed that Victoria has a messy past and that people know her as a homewrecker.

She’s known for sleeping with married men and faced accusations of breaking up marriages.

Several women who have been affected by Victoria have reached out to Reality Steve with stories about her, and he decided to share a few details about what he knows.

Viewers learned that Peter Weber was keeping Victoria around despite learning about her past. This news led to some people guessing that production may play a role in her sticking around.

One person wrote to Reality Steve about the outcome of the hometown dates, guessing that producers played a role in keeping Victoria on the show for ratings.


Given everything Steve has revealed about how the show is filmed, it’s possible producers talked to Peter about his feelings, guiding his decision to keep Victoria around.

Of course, Chris Harrison is known for saying that seasons only get more dramatic, and this little twist could make it accurate for Peter’s season.

Viewers have previously guessed that Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor could be very boring, as people feel he may lack personality.

But the drama appears to come from Victoria’s past, so Peter could just be labeled based on his decision to keep her around and explore her as a possible wife, given what he knows about her.

The Bachelor premieres Monday, January 6, 2020, at 8/7c on ABC.

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