The Bachelor spoilers: Fans finally get to see the aftermath of Peter’s accident

Bachelor Peter Weber
The Bachelor’s Peter Weber was spotted after his injury. Pic credit: ABC

Peter Weber made headlines two weeks ago after he sustained a freak accident while filming The Bachelor. When the story first broke, it seemed like it was something serious and that Peter was in trouble. However, as Monsters & Critics previously reported, it was a head wound.

Peter had fallen while trying to get into a golf cart. He missed the step and instead, fell and landed on cocktail glasses. He managed to sustain a head wound that required 22 stitches. In addition, he would need to go to a hospital, which was over 2 hours away.

In the media, it all seemed very dramatic. But on social media, a fan posted a photo with Peter Weber and it doesn’t seem like it is such a big cut.

In the photo, he is wearing a bandage just above his eye. It extends from his eyebrow to his hairline, so it’s a rather long cut. But given how the injury was portrayed in the media, it may seem rather mild.

At the time of the accident, Chris Harrison revealed that there were many rumors about Peter and that he had indeed suffered a freak accident. Harrison also revealed that Peter was alright and he remained the dashing pilot that the women were trying to impress.

It’s uncertain how production is going to cover the fall. Right now, it seems like it could be a dramatic storyline with production using an ambulance, a hospital stay, and more to create drama for the trailer. Peter himself hasn’t said anything about the fall or his injury, and neither have the women.

As Chris Harrison revealed, production continued after the accident, which probably means Peter was ready to get back in front of the camera within hours.

The Bachelor returns in January 2020.

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