The Bachelor spoiler: This woman does not win Clayton’s final rose

Clayton Echard's final three women
One of these three women does not end up with Clayton – who? Pic credit: ABC

Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor has been nothing short of dramatic in terms of both events and women; however, now that he is down to his final three, it appears the craziest shockers haven’t even occurred yet this season.

After sending a shocked Serene Russell home at the end of Monday’s episode and hometown visits, Clayton is now down to his final three women who are all still vying for his heart. Rachel Recchia, Gabby Windey, and Susie Evans are competing for that final rose in the upcoming weeks.

While Reality Steve hasn’t been able to spoil much this season after the creator, Mike Fleiss, told viewers that the ending is virtually spoiler-proof, one major detail has come out very recently. According to Steve, he knows that one woman will not be the winner.

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Who has Reality Steve publicly announced will not be the winner of Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor?

Steve has confidently stated and has later shared on Instagram, that Rachel Recchia and Clayton are not together at the end. He “believes Clayton is not with Rachel. A source told him he has no reason not to believe it and he has no reason to believe he will be with her either come the finale.”

Fans have weighed into this stunning piece of new information after @bachelorwhatever posted this information and captioned it: “Well that’s shocking (with a shocked face emoji).”

It appears that most thought of Rachel as this season’s front-runner to win the final rose and the heart of America’s leading man. Some viewers are bummed that Rachel and Clayton don’t end up together, but others aren’t quite as confident the information is 100% accurate.

What did Bachelor Nation fans have to say about this inside information and spoiler?

One particular fan expressed her feelings of sadness over this news as she said, “Awww they were cute tho.”

Another viewer exclaimed, “I’m not shocked at all. I’m convinced it’s HIM who ends up leaving. And they’re all single!”

Yet one more was also skeptical when she stated, “I’m gonna take what he says very carefully, yeah there’s clearly a bump in the road but that doesn’t necessarily mean that he ends up single, it’s clear that Rachel loves him and so I can’t imagine him saying that and all of a sudden those feelings are gone, otherwise what she’s said and shown to him was all a lie. I think they’ll work it out. Idk those are my thoughts lol.”

Pic credit: @bachelorwhatever/Instagram

Regardless of what happens with the women and Clayton, it has been said that this will be a very non-traditional ending to the show and something Bachelor Nation has never experienced before.

Stay tuned for the Women Tell All on Monday, and the next new episode on Tuesday, for more possible previews and hints at what might happen on the finale, which will air on Monday, March 14.

The Bachelor finale airs March 14 at 8/7c on ABC.

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