The Bachelor: Shanae Ankney actually apologizes to Bachelor Nation and explains Shrimpgate

Shanae Ankney
Shanae Ankney actually apologizes on a Bachelor Nation podcast. Pic credit: ABC

This season of The Bachelor with Clayton Echard has been nothing short of drama. Add in one of the biggest villains in the show’s history, and that’s a whole new level of drama.

While Shanae Ankney made a name for herself this season, it wasn’t in a positive light. Through her bullying, her words, her actions, and her fake tears and apologies, it’s no wonder the women fed her to the wolves during the Women Tell All segment.

Moreover, fans have had quite the time on social media criticizing Shanae’s motives and resenting her for vile and nefarious behavior. After refusing to apologize or take ownership for her words and actions throughout the show during the Women Tell All, it seems Shanae has had a recent change of heart.

When and where did Shanae Ankney actually apologize for her actions on The Bachelor?

Shanae was the guest of co-hosts Mike Johnson and Bryan Abasolo on their podcast Talking It Out with Bachelor Nation this week, after the airing of the Women Tell All.

The duo asked Shanae if she had anything to say after all of the drama from that segment, and she actually did apologize.

She stated, “I wish I did give those individuals a chance and didn’t judge them so fast. We’re all human. We make mistakes. And I am sorry for some of my actions. I am sorry that I caused so much drama and I’m sorry for the foul language I used.”

In case listeners were unsure, Shanae went on to say, “I really do mean it. I am so carefree and lighthearted. It wasn’t intentional, but it came across wrong and I am sorry.”

Shanae also talked on the podcast about how she wishes she would have been more open to forming relationships and friendships with the other women there and hadn’t been so closed off.

She said the reason she did isolate herself from them was that she “didn’t feel like she had anyone on her side, and she feels more comfortable being alone.”

While viewers did not really see this, Shanae told Mike and Bryan that while she “didn’t make friends, she does have positive relationships with some of her fellow cast members, like Susie, Cassidy, and Marlena.”

Shanae Ankney explains more about the Shrimpgate fiasco

As far as Shrimpgate, Shanae had an explanation for that as well. She did finally seem to come to terms with Genevieve Parisi’s adamant description that it was never about the shrimp. She revealed that there were about 12 pieces of shrimp, a big group of people, and she took 8 of the 12.

Shanae just said, “I’m sorry. I love shrimp.” But she did go on to say that she tried to share the shrimp she had piled onto her own plate, but that was something that had gotten edited out and not shown to viewers.

Shanae ended this part of the conversation by saying that “she has so much more to offer than just this mean girl.” To hear more of Mike, Bryan, and Shanae, check out the entire episode of the Talking It Out with Bachelor Nation podcast here.

Was Shanae’s apology genuine? Is there more to the eye than just a mean girl with villainous behavior? Why didn’t she apologize at the Women Tell All then? Will Bachelor Nation accept this apology, or do they feel it’s just another tactic to save face?

The Bachelor airs Monday at 8/7c on ABC.