The Bachelor Season 26 ladies film trending TikTok videos at the Women Tell All 

Ladies from The Bachelor Season 26 cast
The Bachelor Season 26 reunite at the Women Tell All. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor Season 26 ladies reunited to film the dramatic Women Tell All and, while there’s sure to be lots of confrontation during the episode, the ladies appeared to have a blast backstage. 

Several of the women from the cast participated in fun TikTok trends and challenges behind-the-scenes as they showed off their dolled-up looks. 

Here are all the women who participated in the trendy videos. 

The Bachelor Season 26 ladies sing-along to Celine Dion 

It’s All Coming Back to Me Now by Celine Dion has been at the center of a popular TikTok trend. 

Several women from The Bachelor Season 26 cast got in on the trend in a video that was posted to Bachelor Nation’s TikTok account. 

In the video, Marlena Wesh, Sierra Jackson, Mara Agrait, Eliza Isichei, and Genevieve Parisi all stand in a circle as they sing along to the words and pass one another a red rose that they use as a microphone. 

Marlena kicked off the video in a bright green blazer dress with a low-cut neckline that reveals a printed bra underneath. Marlena then passed the rose to Sierra Jackson who wore a low-cut mini black dress with several embellishments. 

Next, Mara Agrait received the rose as she wore a bright red mini dress that showed off her shoulders. Mara then passed the rose to Eliza Isichei who wore a faltering brown ruched dress. Finally, Genevieve Parisi received the rose while wearing a soft blue dress. 

The ladies join together in the end as they pretend to belt out the lyrics to the song. The caption on the post read, “It’s all coming back to #WomenTellAll.” 

Serene Russell and Teddi Wright film a TikTok trend 

Serene Russell and Teddi Wright also got in on the fun backstage as they filmed a popular TikTok trend of their own. 

The video began with Serene in causal attire and then she was joined by Teddi Wright as the two got glammed up and did choreography to the Own Brand Freestyle song by Dreya Mac and Felixthe1st. 

Serene flaunted her physique in a light pink mini dress, and Teddi rocked her signature curls with an off-the-shoulder little black dress. Both ladies strutted their stuff in high heels. 


The Baddies Tell All? TheBachelor BachelorNation WomenTellAll

♬ Own brand freestyle transition – Nijah

It appears that no matter how much drama and tension occurred during the Women Tell All episode, the ladies still managed to enjoy their time together behind the scenes. 

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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