Serene Russell reflects on her ‘world-shattering’ elimination and what she learned on The Bachelor 

Serene Russell
Serene Russell’s journey on The Bachelor comes to an end. Pic credit: ABC

Serene Russell was the latest woman to be eliminated on The Bachelor Season 26. 

After Serene introduced Clayton to her family during hometowns, Clayton ultimately decided his other connections were stronger and sent Serene home. 

With her chapter on The Bachelor coming to a close, Serene took some time to reflect on her journey and get vulnerable about how crushing it was for Clayton to let her go. 

Serene Russell reveals why she didn’t leave The Bachelor empty-handed 

Serene Russell took to her Instagram account to share photos from her time on The Bachelor as well as share a quote about love that resonated with her.

In the photos, Serene sits in a massive blue chair and also poses with the rest of The Bachelor Season 26 cast in Houston. The final slide in Serene’s post features a quote by author Bianca Sparacino. 

Serene’s heartfelt caption on the post read, “I didn’t leave this with my person—at first I thought I left empty handed; but I left having learned how to give myself grace and let go of things not meant for me. Of course it was world shattering at the time, but I’m proud of the person I’ve grown into: A woman who knows it’s okay to be human. A woman who learned showing vulnerability isn’t a weakness. A woman that knows what she deserves and isn’t afraid to ask for what she needs. A woman who ultimately, isn’t afraid to love.”

Serene’s caption continued by expressing her belief that the right man for her is still out there. Serene wrote, “I’m still learning and growing, but I know it’s still out there for me- a person who will see all of me, my experiences, my scars (and my sunshine too) and it’ll be exactly what he’s been waiting for. I can’t wait to meet him.” 

Serene Russell’s costars show her love after being eliminated on The Bachelor 

Serene clearly made lots of friends with the ladies from her season as several of them flocked to Serene’s post to send their love and support. 

Elizabeth Corrigan and Sierra Jackson both left hearts under the post. Lyndsey Windham called Serene ‘the classiest and most graceful.’ Tessa Tookes described Serene as ‘inquisitive, radiant, and captivating’ and Jill Chill called Serene an angel and ‘true gem.’ 

Serene Russell comment section
Pic credit: @serenebrookrussell/Instagram

The Bachelor Season 26 stars Eliza Isichei, Rachel Recchia, Teddi Wright, and Hunter Hagg also left kind comments for Serene. 

Serene Russell comment section
Pic credit: @serenebrookrussell/Instagram

It’s clear many think highly of Serene and, now that she’s not with Clayton, Serene may have several men from Bachelor Nation shooting their shot with her, including Brandon Jones and Andrew Spencer. 

Do you think Serene’s Mr. Right could be within The Bachelor franchise? 

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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