The Bachelor producers called out again for questionable one-on-one date 

Jenn Tran on The Bachelor
The Bachelor viewers are upset with producers again. PIc credit: ABC

Are The Bachelor producers trolling us on Joey Graziadei’s season?

We have to ask because, so far, they seem to be giving the ladies the exact opposite of what would be a dream one-on-one date.

Last week, Joey invited Daisy Kent out for a helicopter ride and a trip to a music festival where they held VIP tickets.

It was only after that that Daisy opened up to Joey about her hearing loss and cochlear implant, something that Joey assured made her very special.

Then, on the most recent episode of The Bachelor, Joey invited Jenn Tran out for a one-on-one date, and again, it was to do something that seemed completely the opposite of what she would want to do.

That’s because Jenn is afraid of the ocean, something production knew. So why would they send her out on a surfing date?

The Bachelor viewers take aim after another near-disaster

It didn’t take long for The Bachelor viewers to jump on social media and point out the fact that production keeps sending these ladies on totally inappropriate dates.

After all, Daisy was sent in a loud helicopter and then to a loud music festival where she would have difficulty hearing what Joey had to say because of all the noise.

Then, Jenn was sent out on a surfing date despite being afraid of the ocean.

One X (formerly Twitter) user pointed it out, writing, “Jenn: I’m scared of the ocean Producers: ‘put her in the ocean.'”

Another shared a similar tweet to keep track, writing, “The One-On-One dates so far: Daisy (hearing impaired): Helicopter ride and concert Jenn (scared of the ocean): Surfing …WTF is wrong with Bachelor Producers this season??”

The Bachelor viewers love Daisy Kent and Jenn Tran

Even though, or possibly because the dates have been so backward in terms of what is appropriate for the women who are going on them, The Bachelor viewers have fallen in love with both Daisy and Jenn.

It could be because of how good-natured both of them have been as they went on and even enjoyed these dates that were seemingly designed to throw them off and create a storyline.

Last week, viewers were thrilled to see Joey and Daisy together, with some even questioning how Joey could even bother dating anyone else after seeing how perfect they are together.

But this week, Joey and Jenn got a similar reaction as Bachelor Nation fell in love with Jenn and sympathized with her sad family story that pulled on all our heartstrings.

The Bachelor viewers can be fickle, though, so we’re holding out for the next one-on-one to see who fans fall in love with next.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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