The Bachelor viewers go gaga for Jenn Tran 

Jenn Tran on The Bachelor
Jenn Tran is winning over The Bachelor viewers. Pic credit: ABC

Move over Daisy Kent because The Bachelor viewers have a new lady to love.

On the latest episode of the ABC hit, Joey Graziadei took Jenn Tran on a one-on-one date, and it looks like it was Bachelor Nation that fell in love.

The pair set off on a surfing date, which didn’t sit well with Jenn, who admitted she was afraid of the ocean.

Jenn had viewers’ attention since the Season 28 premiere when she opted not to take a limo to the mansion and pulled up in a go-kart instead.

Jenn spun donuts in front of the Bachelor mansion, making a huge impression on Joey — though she didn’t get the first impression rose.

But Jenn really pulled on The Bachelor viewers’ heartstrings when she got to spend some time with Joey and spilled all about her less-than-stellar upbringing.

Jenn Tran impresses The Bachelor fans

If we’re being honest, Jenn has been impressing us since The Bachelor Season 28 premiere, but in Episode 3, she really got her chance to shine.

While on the one-on-one date with Joey, she really made that beach trip look good, even though she wasn’t all that excited about being in the water at first.

And when it came to The Bachelor viewers, it looked like they were ready to embrace another lady trying to win over Joey.

One viewer took to X (formerly Twitter) to show their love for Jenn, writing, “yall …. Daisy might have competition with Jenn !!”

Another felt the same way and even said it wasn’t about just Jenn, as she couldn’t get enough of Jenn and Joey together, writing, “loving joey and jenn YEAHHH.”

Another The Bachelor fan is really getting creative. They tweeted, “Jenn and Joey are the booktok couple of my dreamssss.”

So it’s safe to say that Jenn is becoming a new fan-favorite, and The Bachelor viewers want to see more of her as the weeks go on.

Last week, The Bachelor fans fell in love with Daisy Kent

Jenn has some competition regarding the top spot in Bachelor Nation fans’ hearts.

Last week, when Daisy Kent hit up a music festival while on her one-on-one date with Joey, viewers shared the same excitement for the Minnesota native.

It was Joey’s first one-on-one date, but the chemistry between Daisy and Joey was palpable, and The Bachelor viewers just couldn’t get over it.

At that point, we thought the competition was over with Joey clearly enjoying every second with Daisy but now that he’s spent some time with Jenn, it’s pretty clear that narrowing it down to which person is his person is going to be a challenge.

The Bachelor airs on Monday at 8/7c on ABC.

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