The Bachelor producer speaks out after Chris Harrison apologizes for Rachel Lindsay interview

Chris Harrison
A Bachelor producer is supposedly speaking out after Chris Harrison issues apology. Pic credit: ABC

A lot has happened in Bachelor Nation over the past couple of days.

It all started last weekend when Matt James’ supposed winner Rachael Kirkconnell was caught in scandalous photos from 2018.

In the photos, she’s smiling and she’s happy – but she’s at a plantation-themed party, causing an outcry from The Bachelor fans who called out her out for racism.

This is just the latest scandal for Rachael, who has also been accused of mocking a woman for liking African American men.

Chris Harrison apologizes after Rachel Lindsay interview

Reality Steve is reporting that, prior to Rachael issuing her own statement, she did craft a statement and it was rejected by ABC.

Instead, Chris Harrison did an interview this week with Rachel Lindsay, which was slammed by former Bachelor stars.

Chris Harrison has since apologized for what he said during the interview but that hasn’t stopped Bachelor Nation from buzzing.

Many fans of the franchise want to know why ABC wouldn’t let Rachael speak out and why Chris is speaking out on her behalf to Rachel Lindsay.

Reality Steve revealed that Rachael isn’t bound by contract to speak out.

“My opinion is screw them, post the statement, and let them dare say she violated some contract, which she wouldn’t be doing,” he tweeted.

Now, it looks like that is exactly what Rachael did.

Pic credit: @RealitySteve/Twitter

A Bachelor producer is also sharing his thoughts

A man who goes by the name @eddie_why spoke out on Instagram. He is a person who @bachelornation.scoop calls a producer and based on our own research, it seems that he is, indeed, someone who works on The Bachelor.

It’s worth noting that this Twitter account is currently suspended so we can’t go back through his tweet history but did find a connection to Jason Tartick from 2018 and his Instagram account is still viewable.

“Whole lotta bulls**t going on..,” he wrote in his Instagram stories. “People are always gonna show their true colors, and say how they really feel. Make sure you listen closely…”

Pic credit: @bachelornation.scoop/Instagram

The Bachelor star Rachael Kirkconnell broke her silence

It’s interesting that Rachael took so long to speak out, but she did issue a statement on her social media account on Thursday, February 11. If what Reality Steve said is true, she wouldn’t be breaking any contract. If he’s wrong, then she could be facing serious legal issues.

Rachael Kirkconnell was featured in photos from 2018, showing her at a plantation-themed party. The photos circulated online and it didn’t take long for Bachelor fans to share them with everyone who wanted to see them.

Since Matt’s season had already wrapped at this point and The Bachelor spoilers claim that he picked her, it made it difficult for him to say anything about the situation. ABC may be asking him to stay silent on the matter so they can address it on the After The Final Rose special.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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