The Bachelor is airing two episodes in a single week with double dose of drama

The Bachelor
The Bachelor is airing two episodes this week. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor is airing twice this week on ABC. Tonight, The Bachelor will run its regular Monday-night episode and then Wednesday night, a second episode will air.

Both will be normal The Bachelor episodes as per previews, which means viewers won’t see those much-hated recap episodes that ABC tried to pull off during Hannah B’s season.

But ABC does promise that there will be plenty of drama.

The network released a teaser trailer for the upcoming episodes and there are accusations, an ambulance, and a frustrated Peter Weber.

The Bachelor drama heats up once again

This week, Peter will sustain an injury that requires an ambulance and stitches.

At the time of the incident, Monsters & Critics reported that Peter had hurt himself after tripping and landing on some glass. The glass would cut him on the forehead, resulting in him having to get stitches.

But the incident didn’t happen as he was filming, so it’s uncertain how production is going to show this incident on television.

As for the women, the drama also continues. There are accusations of someone being mentally unstable and some are still angry with Peter for questioning his previous decisions.

The drama started last week when Peter decided to give Alayah a second chance by giving her a rose and inviting her back in the house after he had initially sent her home.

The Bachelor sends home a record number of women

In the preview released by ABC, Peter tells the cameras that this is serious to him because this is about him finding a wife.

While the preview was only 15 seconds long and didn’t go into detail about all the drama that will play out over two episodes, the results are telling. This week, Peter is sending home a total of 10 women, which means he’ll be making some major cuts.

In fact, since the rose ceremony didn’t air last week, this week’s episode will start with 16 women and by Wednesday night, only 6 women are expected to be left standing. It’s clear that Peter is taking this journey seriously and is sending home whoever he doesn’t feel a connection with.

That means hometown dates could be two weeks away, which means we’re only about a month out from the final episode unless ABC has something up their sleeve they aren’t sharing with viewers.

The Bachelor airs Monday and Wednesday this week at 8/7c on ABC. 

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