The Bachelor: Here are the contenders who could be the next leading man

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Typically as one Bachelor (or in this case the Bachelorette) show finishes up, the next lead is announced during the finale of the show.

As fans watch and see if Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia find love and leave their journey engaged on the finale and After the Final Rose segment in a couple of weeks, viewers will also be waiting for another announcement.

As this season of The Bachelorette had many great men who could very easily be The Bachelor’s next leading man, nothing has yet been leaked.

When Jesse Palmer makes the announcement on who will be the next Bachelor — or Bachelors if they go with a co-season like this past one — viewers will most definitely be on the edge of their seats.

With a buzz in the air for weeks now on who they will name as the next lead, Jesse Palmer had something to say about it himself.

While Jesse has his own favorites in mind, he is also aware that the franchise wants to keep some twists and newness alive, too.

The potential leads from Gabby Windey’s team of men

According to E! News Online, the main contenders to become the next Bachelor are from Gabby and Rachel’s current season.

Nate Mitchell was definitely the front-runner of the season before all of the allegations and claims came out against him about infidelity and hiding his daughter from one of the women.

While Nate did apologize during the Men Tell All, the scandal with him seemed to hinder his chance at becoming the Bachelor; however, he apparently has not been ruled completely out.

Logan Palmer, who switched sides from Rachel to Gabby and then suddenly exited the show, is also up for debate on becoming the next leading man.

While some fans have had some conspiracy theories that Logan didn’t really leave the show due to COVID-19, he has since set the record straight.

Mario Vassall received Gabby’s first impression rose, which in the past, has meant a strong possibility of that person being the last one standing, or even in the final three or four.

However, Mario didn’t seem happy with Gabby during the Men Tell All when he accused her of not giving him a fair shot and sending him home too early.

When asked about potentially being the Bachelor, Mario stated, “I would say that I am open to the conversation, and we’d go from there.”

While Erich Schwer seems to be the main front-runner now in Gabby’s final three, fans do believe if he isn’t chosen as her final pick, he will be the next Bachelor. Moreover, he would be the first-ever Bachelor with a mullet.

Jason Alabaster and Johnny DePhillipo are still in the running for Gabby’s heart and final rose as well, but viewers do believe they have a huge shot at getting the lead if they aren’t standing alone with Gabby at the end.

Rachel Recchia’s men who have a chance at being The Bachelor

Tyler Norris, who was sent home much to viewers’ dismay before Rachel even met his family on hometown visits, seemed cautious when asked about the possibility of taking on the Bachelor role.

When asked after the Men Tell All segment, he replied, “I would definitely say that it’s very hard to navigate. With 30-something women there, it would definitely be a tough job to have, without hurting somebody at the end of the day.”

However, Tyler then added, “But if it gets me a stop closer to ultimately finding love then absolutely I would do it.”

Tino Franco has seemed to be Rachel’s go-to guy for weeks now, and even though viewers think Rachel will choose him in the end, they aren’t quite sure how he’d be as the Bachelor.

After Bachelor Nation watched Tino’s family interrogate Rachel and upset her, they aren’t sure if he could navigate being the leading man. Pair that with Tino spiraling after not receiving the group date rose, and his temper may not be the best choice for the new lead. However, in the same breath, they know his parents would keep the season entertaining.

Aven Jones is also still in Rachel’s final three men, and it’s apparent that she has some strong feelings for him.

However, if Aven comes in second place, he could be the perfect Bachelor guy to go from a heartbroken man to a leading man.

The last man who Bachelor Nation expects to be looked at to take on the next role is Zach Shallcross.

Fans have watched Zach and Rachel fall in love since their first, adorable one-on-one date where they watched their own home movies together. He also seems to have it all and would be great material for the next Bachelor.

While the next leading man is still evidently up in the air, Bachelor Nation can’t wait to see not only who Gabby and Rachel pick in the end, but which one of the men who aren’t picked becomes the next Bachelor… or Bachelors.

The Bachelorette airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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