The Bachelor frontrunner Kaity Biggar shares what really happened during her overnight date

Kaity Biggar
Kaity dishes on her one-on-one date with Zach Shallcross. Pic credit: ABC

Kaity Biggar surely had herself a Night at the Museum, which has left much of Bachelor Nation left with one question — what exactly happened?

Kaity, one of the current frontrunners of The Bachelor’s Season 27, was one of the first contestants to score a one-on-one with Zach Shallcross.

The two had a romantic night inside a museum, where Zach shockingly asked her to spend the night inside, later leading her to a luxurious tent set up in front of an animal exhibit.

Since it’s rare to see a contestant spend the night with the lead before the show’s fantasy suite week, it’s no wonder Kaity was asked about her experience during a recent podcast appearance.

While speaking to Joe Amabile and Aaron Clancy on the Click Bait podcast, the 27-year-old Austin native revealed she was “super shocked and excited” when Zach asked her to stay the night.

“I didn’t really know what to think of it of the time, but when we walked around the corner and we saw the camp set up and the tent, I was blown away,” Kaity revealed. “I thought it was so cute, so romantic.”

Kaity Biggar talks about her overnight date with Zach on The Bachelor

Kaity said that inside the tent, she and Zach pushed the two beds together and had a few good conversations — until Zach fell asleep on her.

As for Kaity, her telling the other girls she didn’t sleep much when she returned to the Bachelor Mansion wasn’t due to the reason they all might have thought.

She said she is a very light sleeper who always needs a noise machine on. Between the far-off construction happening in the background and Zach’s snoring, she simply didn’t get much sleep.

Kaity also made sure to confirm that nothing intimate happened between her and Zach that night.

“Nothing happened for those who think something happened,” Kaity said (along with a suggestive hand gesture).

Is Kaity shaping up to be a top contender this season?

Kaity started the show off hot, and according to newly released season trailers, it seems as if the ER nurse secures herself at least one more solo date before the finale.

Kaity and Zach have an undeniable connection, which viewers have seen through their natural and heartwarming chats since Night 1.

Kaity even brought him a care package and sat on the ground outside his hotel room to have a conversation while he was stuck quarantining with COVID-19 in London.

In one trailer, Zach and Kaity are seen together in a tropical location. Kaity says his words, “make her so happy,” before sharing a kiss with the leading man.

On the flip side, Kaity is also seen crying while Zach apologizes to her, followed by her asking, “What am I doing?”

Will Kaity be one of Zach’s top ladies of the season and potentially become his future fiancee? Fans can tune in next Monday night as the remaining women head off to Budapest to find out.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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