The Bachelor fans want to see Serene Russell’s brother as the next Bachelor

Roland Russell
Bachelor fans want to see Roland Russell, Serene’s brother, as the next Bachelor. Pic credit: ABC

After the recent episode of The Bachelor aired, Bachelor Nation fans took to social media to express their love for Serene Russell’s brother, Roland Russell.

Roland seemed like the perfect big brother for Serene, as he got emotional talking about protecting her and not wanting to see her get hurt again as she has in the past.

Fans loved Roland’s protective big brother aura, as well as his looks, and they claimed that production needs to cast Roland as the next Bachelor.

What did Bachelor Nation have to say about Roland Russell?

The tweets and memes didn’t take long to pour in on Twitter when Bachelor Nation saw and watched Roland on the show, talking to Clayton and his sister, Serene.

One viewer wrote, “I haven’t even heard the man speak yet. But. …Can the next bachelor be Serene’s stud muffin brother?”

Another viewer talked about how protective Roland is over his little sister, Serene, and how emotional he got over not wanting her to get hurt by Clayton, and through the process.

The post by @sharednews stated, “Serene’s brother is so wholesome and protective.”

Hunter Haag, eliminated contestant from this season even took to Twitter to state, “Serene’s brother for the next bachelor.”

Roland Russell had one-on-one talks with both Clayton and Serene during hometowns

As viewers watched Monday night’s episode, they saw Roland ask Clayton if he loved his sister, and then saw Clayton not be able to answer that question.

Later, when Roland talked one-on-one with Serene, he got emotional thinking that Serene could be seriously hurt in this process if she wasn’t the one standing alone at the end of this process.

Serene even revealed to at-home viewers that she had never seen her brother get emotional or even cry before, let alone publicly.

She let her brother know that she had told Clayton that she was falling in love with him and how Clayton’s face had lit up when he heard that from her.

Viewers could see Serene tear up while her brother talked and genuinely revealed to her how worried he was that she was going to get hurt, especially since Clayton couldn’t tell Roland he was falling in love with his sister.

Who was eliminated at the rose ceremony after hometowns?

Roland’s concern turned into a reality when, at the rose ceremony, Serene was the woman after hometowns to be sent home.

While she was stoic on screen, viewers could tell that she was angry, confused, upset, and saddened by being eliminated from the show and from Clayton’s heart.

It sounds as if Bachelor Nation’s pleas are to cast Serene’s brother, Roland Russell, as the next Bachelor. Will production hear their pleas? Stay tuned to see if Roland makes his debut into Bachelor Nation, or if he would even want to.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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