The Bachelor fans are getting Maria Georgas fatigue, ready to move on after Sydney Gordon bullying drama

Maria Georgas on The Bachelor
Are The Bachelor viewers getting tired of Maria Georgas? Pic credit: ABC

Joey Graziadei’s season of The Bachelor is nearing the halfway point, and so far, it has been centered around Maria Georgas and the bullying drama.

Starting in Episode 2, Maria was accused of bullying after she made comments about her age that Sydney took offense to and ran with.

She went to Madina — the oldest lady in The Bachelor mansion — and tried to stir the pot. For the most part, it worked!

Up until Episode 4, where Sydney was sent home, she made it clear that her mission was to ensure Joey sent Maria home, and she failed miserably.

But upon Sydney’s departure, Lea picked up right where she left off, and now, she’s the one who can’t stand Maria and is gunning for her to go home.

It’s like Maria can’t catch a break, and neither can The Bachelor viewers who just want to see Joey fall in love and not watch this constant mess week after week.

The Bachelor viewers are ready for Maria to go

Even though The Bachelor viewers overwhelmingly like Maria, this continuing drama has been played out, and everyone is tired of it.

Now, Bachelor Nation has begun to complain, and some have even turned on Maria as they figure that old saying “where there’s smoke there’s fire” must be at least somewhat true.

Otherwise, why is Lea now gunning for Maria, seemingly out of nowhere? Unless it’s producer-inspired drama, anyway.

One viewer took to X (formerly Twitter) and shared, “I’m happy Sidney is gone but I don’t like Maria for Joey either.”

Another wrote, “This ‘bully’ storyline is so tired.”

Yet another posted a GIF that said “be gone” with a message that said, “Maria is way too self involved to go home on her own. Such a drama queen.”

While Maria still has plenty of fans, it seems that plenty more viewers are just ready for her to go now. One tweeted, “atp i’m ready for maria to go home. joey is sweet & he’s attracted to trouble. god please make it stop.”

Meanwhile, Maria is just asking The Bachelor viewers to be kind

Twice now, Maria Georgas has taken to her Instagram stories to ask The Bachelor viewers to be kind as the drama on the season continues.

While she hasn’t addressed them by name, it’s likely because Madina, Sydney, and Jess all have been receiving quite a bit of hate on social media after they took aim at Maria in the early episodes of Season 28.

After her elimination, Sydney played a few voice messages she received that were so full of hate it was alarming. Then, she offered up a message about how it made her feel and why reality TV fans should refrain from sending those kinds of messages.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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