The Bachelor fans applaud Daisy Kent after tearful self-elimination

The Bachelor star Daisy Kent screenshot
Daisy Kent self-eliminates during The Bachelor finale. Pic credit: ABC

If you watched The Bachelor Season finale and didn’t tear up at Daisy Kent’s final scene, get a heart, Tinman, cause we’re still sobbing.

Daisy’s self-elimination was heartbreaking as she realized that Joey Graziadei wouldn’t choose her in the end.

Daisy had that lightbulb moment after spending her last moments with Joey after meeting with his family.

The blonde beauty could tell that something was different during their date, and she got further confirmation after her one-on-one with Kelsey Anderson.

After admittedly feeling that something had changed between them, she met Joey for the last time and told him that they weren’t right for each other.

That’s when she chose to walk away–making it easy for him to choose Kelsey.

After the tearful scene played out, Bachelor Nation applauded the 28-year-old on social media for the way she gracefully exited the show.

Bachelor Nation applauds Daisy Kent after her emotional self-elimination

The Bachelor fans are going crazy on social media–sounding off on Daisy’s graceful exit, and showering her with support.

“I love daisy’s exit- probably the most grave shown from a bachelor contestant ever.” opined a commenter on X. “She is better than this franchise…”

Someone else repeated Daisy’s speech writing, “#TheBachelor Daisy, ‘If I can love the wrong man that much, imagine how much I can love the right man.’ Wow, Daisy wow!!”

X comments from The Bachelor viewers.
Pic credit: @keepingtotruth/@bri_ni/@here4thewrgrsn/X

One viewer noted, “Daisy is the definition of perseverance, giving grace, and knowing your worth! A TRUE role model to us all.”

Someone else said, “Never seen a finalist give herself the breakup speech. She knew deep in her heart she was not the one,” One viewer said. “Good for her. Daisy left with poise and dignity. Next Bachelorette perhaps?”

Daisy has a face-to-face with Joey Graziadei for the first time since her self-elimination

Daisy and Joey hadn’t spoken since the night she self-eliminated.

However, they met for the first time on stage and had nothing but kind words for each other– although it was a little awkward.

Daisy told Joey she came into his life for a reason and that she would always look back on her time on the show with a smile.

Daisy has a very close bond with the newly engaged Kelsey and during her chat with Joey, she expressed happiness for the couple and the new life they are about to start.

“I’m so extremely happy for the both of you,” said the 28-year-old.

Meanwhile, the blonde beauty noted that she’s still healing from her heartbreak and is taking time to focus on herself before dating again.

As for those who were hopeful she would be chosen as The Bachelorette, that honor went to Daisy’s castmate, Jenn Tran.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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