The Bachelorette star is Jenn Tran and The Bachelor viewers couldn’t be less excited

Jenn Tran is The Bachelorette
Jenn Tran’s Bachelorette announcement stuns Bachelor Nation. Pic credit: ABC

Season 28 of The Bachelor is over and Joey Graziadei found love.

Kelsey Anderson received Joey’s final rose after Daisy Kent took herself out of the competition in a way that had The Bachelor viewers singing her praises.

With the proposal and an update on where Kelsey and Joey stand today, there’s really only one thing viewers want to see — The Bachelorette announcement.

It’s typical that The Bachelorette will be announced on The Bachelor After the Final Rose special and the show kept with that tradition last night.

For weeks, the debate has been about whether the next Bachelor Nation lead will be Daisy Kent or Maria Georgas, with great reasons for both.

But production had other plans.

Daisy Kent isn’t ready to find love

Right at the end of the special, Jesse Palmer brought Daisy Kent out to talk about how she walked out and got an update on where she is now.

“When you were leaving Tulum, you said something and it stuck with me,” Jesse said as he recalled Daisy opening up about realizing how much she could love the right guy given how much she loved the wrong one.

“So my life… the last year has been crazy. I mean yesterday… it’s weird it was one year of me getting my cochlear implant, which completely changed my life,” Daisy explained as she talked about going from hearing again to being The Bachelor runner up.

Then, when Jesse asked if she was ready to find love, Daisy Kent said no before Kelsey joined her on stage for yet another unprecedented moment where Daisy and Kelsey talked about their strong friendship that developed despite competing to win over the same man.

Jenn Tran announced as Bachelorette and viewers are shook

Charity Lawson took the stage for the final announcement after Daisy’s stunning revelation that she didn’t want the role.

Fully expecting Maria Georgas to be announced as our next Bachelorette, Charity called out Jenn Tran instead.

One viewer summed up The Bachelor viewers’ overall response on X, writing, “the next bachelorette is jenn.”

Another wrote, “me trying to remember who jenn even is.”

The overall mood after Jenn was announced can be summed up as disappointed.

“Jenn…yall did all of that to announce that Jenn was the bachelorette?,” said a viewer.

It is unfortunate that viewers are so unimpressed as Jesse pointed out that Jenn Tran will be the first Asian American lead, a big move by production given the call outs this season about racism and lack of diversity in Bachelor Nation.

But given Jenn’s fifth place finish, her casting seemed less likely as The Bachelorette lead typically is someone from the final four.

The Bachelorette will air this summer on ABC.

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