The Bachelor fan and podcaster Brett Vergara calls out Jordan Kimball for insensitive tweets

Jordan Kimball
Jordan Kimball is being accused of tweeting insensitive statements. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor fan and podcaster Brett Vergara is known for speaking out about the franchise.

He has an active Twitter account, which has resulted in a raving fan base and a brand new podcast about the show.

Given his opinions and humorous content about the show, it only makes sense that he’s sharing his thoughts about recent developments in regards to Chris Harrison and Rachel Lindsay.

Brett follows several Bachelor Nation stars on Twitter, so when he saw something on the social network, he reacted.

Brett Vergara calls out Jordan Kimball over tweets

The tweet he saw was from Jordan Kimball, who is best known for his time on Bachelor In Paradise.

Jordan wrote on Twitter that he would raise hell if Chris was removed for good from the Bachelor franchise. The Baby Got Bach podcaster called Jordan out, writing, “The fact you’re tweeting in defense of Chris Harrison in this moment and I’m not seeing any tweets supporting Rachel Lindsay or any BIPOC cast member being harassed says a whole hell of a lot.”

Jordan Kimball
Pic credit: @brettsvergara/Twitter

Jordan replied to Brett, in a tweet he was accused of deleting.

“Hey Brett, I’m not hearing your bulls**t on this one. Simply put, Chris can keep his job and Rachel can have support. Cancelling Chris doesn’t really count as support for anyone. get some more clout before you come at me,” he replied.

In a second tweet, Jordan replied, “Hey Brett I’m deaf to your bulls**t, you gotta get some more clout before you come at me.”

Brett called out Jordan for his reply.

“Hey @jordan_kimball, I saw the original tweet before you deleted. May as well harm another community, I suppose? This could have been an opportunity for you to course correct but you chose to double down on the insensitive nonsense. Have fun with that and your ‘clout’ my dude,” Brett replied.”

Jordan Kimball
Pic credit: @brettsvergara/Twitter

Brett pointed out that Jordan deleted his tweet about keeping Chris around and still supporting Rachel.

Bachelor Nation has been dealing with a growing racism problem

It’s no secret that Rachael Kirkconnell’s old photos from 2018 have opened up a can of worms in Bachelor Nation. Chris Harrison defended Rachael, telling Rachel Lindsay that it wasn’t anyone’s place to judge The Bachelor frontrunner for the photos.

That caused a massive reaction within the franchise and Bachelor Nation wanted Chris Harrison fired for not condemning racism at the moment.

Rachael spoke out late last week, asking people to stop defending her actions. She didn’t like hearing people telling her that she had done nothing wrong and that she had nothing to apologize for. Rachael wanted to be held accountable.

This latest tweet from Jordan Kimball just adds to the conversations within Bachelor Nation these days.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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