The Bachelor: Details of Rachael Kirkconnell and Michelle Young’s unaired ATFR conversation revealed

Rachael Kirkconnell and Michelle Young starred on The Bachelor.
Rachael Kirkconnell and Michelle Young reportedly had an off-camera conversation that mended their relationship during The Bachelor finale. Pic credit: ABC/Craig Sjodin

New details surrounding the unaired conversation between The Bachelor finalists Rachael Kirkconnell and Michelle Young have been revealed. Emmanuel Acho, host of The Bachelor: After the Final Rose this season, shared what he learned of the women’s conversation that did not make it to air.

Emmanuel claimed that the discussion between Rachael and Michelle was his favorite of the episode.

“Now, Michelle had reached out to Rachael but had never heard back,” Emmanuel said in an Instagram video. “So Michelle was broken over that.” 

The women had become good friends as both competed to win the heart of Matt James during the 25th season of The Bachelor.

Emmanuel asked the producers if they could bring Michelle and Rachael out to talk face to face and possibly reconcile their relationship.

“I knew after talking to Matt we probably weren’t going to see reconciliation relationally between him and Rachael during the course of the episode,” Emmanuel explained.

“So, what kind of reconciliation could we see? I said, ‘Well, look, Rachael, you put out a public apology for the world, but there were women that you were friends with that haven’t heard from you and still feel broken because of that. So, if you’re willing, Michelle would love to talk to you.’ Rachael smiled and of course, she obliged,” the show host.

The details of Rachael and Michelle’s meeting

Emmanuel said that Michelle walked out to the set, and she and Rachael sat together on the couch. Michelle spoke, then Rachael and the two shared an embrace.

He said he witnessed the exchange, which was cut from the episode due to time constraints, and thought if their conversation could have been seen collectively as a society, everyone would have grown from it.

Michelle reflected on Rachael’s actions during the episode.

She said to Emmanuel during her interview segment, “As more and more information started to come out, I started to feel hurt by what I was seeing. That was a prime example of not understanding the history behind it, not being educated enough on what that actually meant, what her actions actually meant, how we see it. I feel like Rachael has a good heart. I do. But there’s a lot of learning. It comes off very inconsiderate.”

Fans react to the news

Emmanuel Acho hosted The Bachelor: After the Final Rose
Emmanuel Acho shared his thoughts on the discussion between Michelle Young and Rachael Kirkconnell on the set of ATFR. Pic credit: ABC/Craig Sjodin

Viewers of After the Final Rose reacted to Emmanuel’s stunning news in the comments section of his Instagram post.

Fan commentary on Emmanuel Acho's Instagram post.
A fan shared their opinions about Michelle Young and Rachael Kirkconnel’s converstaion. Pic credit: Instagram

“Would’ve loved to see this than wasted minutes on Matt not saying anything. I get it’s difficult. I get he’s disappointed but to sit there in complete silence. That 5 mins could’ve gone to the conversation with these women so we could see two people come together and have an important discussion and to get to a place of understanding,” wrote one fan.

Fan comments on The Bachelor, AFTR
One fan remarked Rachael handled herself with grace. Pic credit: Instagram

“I think Rachael handled herself with such grace and vulnerability during the show. She was 21 and made a mistake. She also deserves some grace to grow,” claimed a second viewer.

Fan comments The Bachelor, AFTR.
One Instagram user loved how Emmanuel Acho hosted the show. Pic credit: Instagram

“I loved what you brought to the table. I just finished it. It was raw and honest. I think you did an awesome job. Would love to see you back!!!!” penned a third Instagram user.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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