The Bachelor: Clayton Echard says he now believes he wasn’t in love with all three women

Clayton Echard
Clayton Echard now says he was not in love with all three women. Pic credit: ABC

Clayton Echard was the very first Bachelor to tell three women that he loved them in the history of the show, as he said those three words to Rachel Recchia, Gabby Windey, and Susie Evans.

However, after watching the show playback and doing some reflection of his own, Clayton no longer believes he was truly in love with all three women.

What has Clayton now revealed as his season of The Bachelor has wrapped up?

While on Us Weekly’s Bachelor podcast, Here For The Right Reasons, Clayton revealed that he may have been falling in love with Rachel and Gabby, but he was only really in love with Susie.

Clayton was quoted saying, “Looking back at it all – in those moments, I believed it. I really did believe I was in love with them when I was there, on the show… But as I’ve taken the time to reflect and look back, I believe that I got to the point where I was falling in love with everybody, but then it got to the point where I was only in love with Susie.”

He then went on to claim, “[Now] I only think you can be in love with one person. You can fall for many, but you can only be in love with one … And that’s where I made a mistake. I was confused on the show, and I believed that I was in love with multiple women, but I’ve since realized that I don’t think I was.”

While Clayton stated that he loved Susie the most, he still played Gabby and Rachel and undermined their own thoughts and feelings to keep them on the show, which is where a lot of Bachelor Nation fans and alums got angry.

How did Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey react during After The Final Rose?

The remaining two women, Gabby and Rachel, were also shocked, heartbroken, bitter, and heated, but rightfully so according to Bachelor Nation.

In fact, Rachel spoke her mind while in the hot seat with Clayton and even went as far as to say she thought Clayton only told her he loved her to sleep with her. When he refuted her comment, she then said she didn’t believe him.

Susie Evans and Clayton are moving forward together

Now Clayton and Susie have reconciled and seem happy together. Clayton revealed that he will be moving to Virginia, which is Susie’s hometown, to be with her. To listen to the whole podcast, Here For The Right Reasons, click here.

Gabby and Rachel are now set to be the next Bachelorettes as they hope to find love as America’s leading women instead of contestants this time. That season is set to kick off in July.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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