The Bachelor alum Bekah Martinez shares incredibly emotional reaction to losing nanny

Bekah Martinez
Bachelor Nation star Bekah Martinez broke down about losing her nanny amid opening up about her controversial mental illness. Pic credit: @bekah/Instagram

Bachelor Nation star Bekah Martinez got vulnerable for her fans when sharing the emotional reaction she had to losing her nanny.

Bekah revealed that her nanny quit and that she was overwhelmed by the loss and having to start over again in the hiring process.

“I’ve been crying about this since last night,” she said tearfully in a video on her Instagram story Monday. “Our nanny had to quit, for just personal reasons, it had nothing to do with our relationship. And I’m honestly just so devastated because I really loved her and the kids really loved her.”

She explained that her daughter asking for the nanny is what caused her to break.

She expressed, “Ruth was asking if she was coming today last night and I just couldn’t hold it together.”

In a caption on her video, she added that she “wouldn’t have expected I’d feel so emotional about this.”

Bekah has two children, 2-year-old Ruth and 1-year-old Franklin. She shared that she took her kids to the playground and spent the day with them after no longer having help from her nanny.

Bekah loses nanny amid controversial mental illness reveal

While Bekah stated that her nanny quit due to personal reasons outside of their relationship, Bachelor fans can’t help but wonder if Bekah’s recent mental health reveal had something to do with it.

On an episode of her podcast Chatty Broads, she revealed she has pedophile OCD.

She also posted a description of the condition on her Instagram story.

The psychology site described pedophile OCD as “a theme of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) in which the person’s obsessions are unwanted intrusive thoughts, images, or urges about pedophilia that trigger immense anxiety and fear.”

The description also states that “a mother might experience unwanted sexually intrusive thoughts about her toddler.”

The site also specified that pedophile OCD is not the same as pedophilia.

Also in her story, Bekah added, “I have been plagued with these types of terrifying intrusive thoughts before.”

Bachelor Nation shows concern over Bekah’s mental illness

However, what some Bachelor fans found concerning was how she described some of her experiences with the condition on her podcast.

Bekah described how she had intercourse with her boyfriend while she was breastfeeding her daughter, thought about her daughter’s right to pleasure while she herself was masturbating and let her toddler teeth on her vibrator.

Bekah has since expressed frustration about how some of those stories didn’t go hand-in-hand with pedophile OCD and that rather her condition involved getting “VERY SPECIFIC intrusive thoughts about my children being harmed.”

However, viewers still find her stories and her description of the mental illness to be problematic.

Fan account @bachelornation.scoop commented on the matter on their own Instagram story, exclaiming, “This is highly disturbing!”

Bachelornation.Scoop slams Bekah Martinez
Pic credit: @bachelornation.scoop/Instagram

The Bachelorette airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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