Terrance Higgins: Big Brother 24 exit interviews revealed

Terrance BB24 Photo
Terrance Higgins finished in seventh place on Big Brother 24. Pic credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

Big Brother 24 cast member Terrance Higgins is giving his exit interviews after getting evicted from the house.

Terrance was the first person to get sent packing during the Double Eviction episode, and now he can carry out the mission he claims to be on.

In a conversation with Michael Bruner, Terrance said that his game begins for him when he gets to the jury house, insinuating that he plans to influence how the jury decides on the winner.

It’s going to be very interesting to see the reaction Terrance gives when he finds out that Michael got evicted right after him.

We will all see Terrance and Michael again on finale night, when they place their votes on the Big Brother 24 winner.

But before he votes on a winner, Terrance has been giving interviews about his time in the Big Brother house this summer.

Terrance asked about his behavior toward Taylor

“Listen, me and Taylor are both Midwesterners and we really do love each other. Don’t believe what you saw. We do wish we did lock in together, but we just couldn’t this season,” Terrance told EW when asked why he wasn’t on the same page with Taylor.

“My biggest mistake in the game was being loyal to people who did not have my best interest in the game at all. So I think that was my downfall, being loyal to a side of the house that didn’t have loyalty to me,” Terrance said when talking about his mistakes.

Regarding the derogatory names that Terrance called Taylor for a majority of the summer, he did not reference that when answering additional questions about her. In the video below, he is asked why it seemed like he had a vendetta against Taylor.

Terrance says he shouldn’t have sent Joseph home

In the video below, Terrance said that if he could do Dyre Fest again, he wouldn’t have worked to evict Joseph Abdin or Kyle Capener. It creates an interesting scenario, because that would mean he would have had to target Matt Turner or Alyssa Snider.

Terrance also spoke about saying earlier that he wanted Taylor to go home right after him. It appears that Terrance is retracting that statement, and that he wants to see her make it all the way to finale night.

Much of his comments are like when he played the game, where Terrance says one thing on one day, and then says the completely opposite thing the following day.

Some Big Brother 24 spoilers

For any readers who want to jump ahead, here are the plans of the new HOH in Week 10. It will be very interesting to see how things turn out for the final five houseguests and which two make it all the way to the end this summer.

Big Brother 24 airs on CBS during Summer 2022.

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