Teresa Giudice thinks Margaret Josephs only came to her wedding for a ‘photo op’

RHONJ stars Margaret Josephs and Teresa Giudice close-up
Teresa Giudice throws shade at Margaret Josephs for walking out of her wedding. Pic credit: Bravo

Teresa Giudice’s wedding special aired last night, and now the OG is shading her castmate Margaret Josephs for dipping out early.

Teresa and Luis Ruelas’ wedding officially closed out Season 13 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, and it was not without its share of drama.

Joe and Melissa Gorga were absent from the lavish event — shocker, I know — but the rest of the cast showed up in their fancy attire to celebrate with the couple.

Unfortunately for Teresa, her brother and sister-in-law remained a topic of conversation throughout the day, thanks to Margaret, who made it known that she felt bad about Joe and Melissa not being there.

She felt so bad, in fact, that soon after Teresa and Luis said their vows, she left and took newbie Jen Fessler right along with her.

At the time, Teresa had too much going on to realize that her castmate had left early, but after she found out, she threw shade at Margaret.

Teresa Giudice says Margaret Josephs came to her wedding for one reason

The women dished about Teresa’s nuptials while on The Real Housewives of New Jersey After Show, and of course, Margaret and Jen leaving the wedding early was a major topic of conversation.

Teresa tried to act unbothered when asked to comment on the walkout by claiming that she wasn’t upset, but Dolores Catania affirmed, “Teresa was upset!”

“You were,” said Dolores to Teresa as she eventually admitted, “Okay, okay, I was upset, okay.”

“My thing is if she didn’t wanna come, she shouldn’t have came,” reasoned the 50-year-old who later noted that Margaret only showed up for the cameras.

“She came for a photo op,” said Teresa. “You know to check out the epic wedding, ’cause I know she didn’t wanna miss that.”

Margaret Josephs defends herself after the wedding walkout

Margaret doesn’t think that she did anything wrong by walking out, but Jenn Fessler, who left with her, feels differently.

“I celebrate her, I watched her get married. I watched her walk down the aisle… I got to see her–she looked beautiful-I got to speak with her,” said Margaret. “But I can’t dance the night away and enjoy myself the whole night while Melissa and Joe aren’t there.”

Margaret reasoned, “I wanted to celebrate them getting married, but I’m doing the best for both parties, and that’s it…I would hope that Teresa would understand and not even care.”

Meanwhile, Jen Fessler went to the event with Margaret, and she left with her as well, but now the newbie is feeling guilty for doing that.

“It was the wrong thing for me to do, a hundred percent,” admitted Jen. “In hindsight… I felt really, really badly about it. A wedding is sacred, and you don’t go to make a statement.”

Part 1 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion airs Tuesday, May 30 at 8/7c on Bravo.

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Kelli Spears
Kelli Spears
10 months ago

Those who live in a glass house should not throw stones Dolores you’re living with a married man and engaged to him. How messed up is that

10 months ago

How good of an affair could have been when the bride misses one guest so for the photo up definitely was a photo app for Teresa and Louie by Felicia