Temptation Island: Evan Smith sparked concern from fans after sending birthday wishes to Morgan Lolar

Evan Smith and Morgan Lolar
Evan and Morgan had a fairytale romance on the island but a messy breakup off the island, so when Evan wished Morgan a happy birthday, fans freaked out Pic credit: USA Network

Evan Smith and Morgan Lolar had a whirlwind relationship on Temptation Island that was so intense that Evan chose to break up with his girlfriend Kaci and leave the island with Morgan instead.

They stayed together and even briefly got engaged off the island, but that all came crashing down when Evan abruptly broke up with Morgan and moved to LA without her.

Morgan explained in a YouTube video that Evan was a manipulative narcissist who was emotionally abusive and who she was happy to get away from.

Fans were annoyed when Evan wished Morgan a “happy birthday” on Instagram. They both got an influx of backlash from the gesture and both of them addressed it through their Instagram stories.

Morgan was spotted in Mexico with Evan last month and admitted before that that she had hung out with him after she moved to LA.

Morgan’s fans have been concerned for her ever since she exposed Evan’s toxic behavior in the YouTube video, and they have continued to voice their concerns whenever there was evidence of their ongoing connection.

Evan and Morgan addressed the birthday wishes

It appeared that both Evan and Morgan got enough comments from fans to address Evan’s birthday wishes on their Instagram stories.

Since they don’t follow each other, one person asked Evan why he was wishing Morgan a “happy birthday” when she wouldn’t even see it.

Evan replied, “You’re a moron if you think she didn’t see it.”

Evan Smith IG story
Evan’s birthday message to his ex received a lot of flak Pic credit: @evanchristiansmith/Instagram

Morgan responded to her fans with a video saying, “I’m not the one who f***ed s*** up. I don’t see why it’s weird that he would wish me a happy birthday. Have you ever had an ex in the wrong wish you a happy birthday?”

She also shared in her post that it would be a different story if it was her doing a birthday post for him.

Morgan Lolar's IG story
Morgan responded to concerned fans about Evan’s happy birthday Pic credit: @morganlolar/Instagram

Evan and Morgan were one of the most popular couples from Temptation Island

Fans were initially rooting for the couple who fell in love on Temptation Island. They were able to put aside the fact that Evan cheated on Kaci to get there, and he and Morgan were one of the most talked-about couples from the show.

After Evan broke off their engagement and left for their shared destination of L.A. without her, they have been in and out of each other’s lives. The back and forth has kept fans on edge due to their bad breakup.

Evan now lives in Tulum, Mexico, full time and is enjoying the bachelor lifestyle while Morgan is focused on her influencer career in L.A.

Temptation Island is currently on hiatus.

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