Teen Mom star Mackenzie McKee reveals she’s struggling and wants to leave Twitter behind

Mackenzie McKee
Mackenzie McKee reveals she’s thinking about quitting Twitter for a mental break. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom OG star Mackenzie McKee is trying to make the best of her life as a mom and wife after losing her mother back in mid-December.

Mackenzie has used social media, including Twitter, to share her thoughts and feelings as she tried to be there for her father after her mother’s death.

Throughout the last 6 weeks, she’s looked back at her memories with her mother, including how they used to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

However, moving forward in a positive way appears to be hard for Mackenzie, who recently revealed that she’s contemplating taking a break from social media.

Mackenzie McKee wants to take a break from it all

This week, Mackenzie revealed that she wants to deactivate her Twitter account during a period of recovery. She explained that she needs to take a break because her mental health can’t afford to relive the struggles of 2019 again and again.

After this tweet, Mackenzie did share additional tweets, asking her followers for advice on unrelated matters.

Many of Mackenzie’s tweets have been about her mother’s death and how she’s moving on. On Sunday when the Grammy Awards aired, McKee reflected on Demi Lovato’s performance, giving her hope that she will one day be okay.

Mackenzie and her mother Angie had documented her mother’s health journey since her diagnosis in January 2018.

Mackenzie McKee’s mother inspired many followers with her journey

Ever since her diagnosis, Angie has documented her own journey on Instagram. Every day, she posted about how she was doing and whether it was a good day or a bad day.

Near the end of her journey, Angie revealed that she was having memory problems and her health had taken a turn for the worse. Just days before her death, she was hospitalized.

On December 10, 2019, her final post was shared. Family members posted on behalf of Angie, who had passed away the night before.

Angie’s decision to share her illness was something that inspired many Teen Mom OG viewers. Mackenzie herself was inspired by her mother’s strength and determination to get better.

Angie often turned to her belief in God and her religion to get her through the tough times. Now, Mackenzie appears to need the same kind of strength, as she wants to take better care of her mental health.

Teen Mom OG is currently on hiatus.