Teen Mom star Cheyenne Floyd reveals she went through a ‘shoplifting phase’

Teen Mom star Cheyenne Floyd
Cheyenne Floyd makes a surprising confession. Pic credit: MTV

Cheyenne Floyd recently got honest about her sticky fingers during a podcast with her dad, Kyle Floyd, and shoplifting runs in the family.

Cheyenne’s dad also confessed to taking an item or two in his younger years, and the father-daughter conversation was interesting, to say the least.

The Teen Mom: The Next Chapter star shared her shoplifting story and shocked her dad with the news.

Cheyenne asked her followers to share their stories in the short snippet just posted online.

Let’s hope Cheyenne’s daughter Ryder doesn’t see this video and get any ideas because that was a much different time.

These days, everything, and I mean everything, is captured on video for the world to see. So, unless you want to end up on the news, here’s a warning — kids, do not try this!

Teen Mom star Cheyenne Floyd gets honest about her ‘shoplifting phase’

The full episode from Cheyenne and Kyle’s Unfiltered Kitchen podcast won’t be released until September 6, but the pair shared an interesting teaser.

Not only did Cheyenne and her dad learn a thing or two about each other during the episode, but we learned some things about them as well.

During a game of Never Have I Ever, the MTV stars were supposed to put a finger down if they were guilty of something.

“I’ve stolen, but like from a department store, stuff like that,” revealed Cheyenne’s dad.

The admission garnered a laugh from the mom of two, who also had something to admit.

“Okay, I would have to put a finger down,” confessed Cheyenne.

“I would say freshman year in college, me and a few of my friends went through a shoplifting phase.”

Cheyenne posted the clip on Instagram and wrote, “Raise your hand if your guilty 🙋🏽‍♀️ tune in September 6th to @ourunfilteredkitchen podcast my dad and I play never have I ever… I think we both learned some new things about each other.”

Cheyenne Floyd’s daughter Ryder is growing up fast

Cheyenne has put her shoplifting days behind her, and these days, she’s busy being a mom.

She and Cory Wharton’s daughter Ryder is growing up fast, and they just celebrated a milestone moment.

Ryder is officially a first-grader, and it’s hard to believe that so much time has passed since we met her as a baby years ago.

Cheyenne snapped adorable family photos on Ryder’s first day of school as the little diva posed in her uniform.

“can’t believe we have a 1st grader,” Cheyenne captioned the post.

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