Teen Mom star Catelynn Lowell gets eyebrows tattooed on her face and says she’s now ‘on fleek’

Catelynn Lowell
Catelynn Lowell gets her brows tattooed on her face. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom OG star Catelynn Lowell is showing off a brand new look this week — after getting her eyebrows tattooed on her face.

The reality star decided to go for the more permanent make-up style, after undergoing what’s known as micro-blading.

The procedure sees a tiny blade used to place pigment along your eyebrows and results in semi-permanent brows.

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They won’t last forever, but will stay on for about a year and can last as long as 15 months if cared for properly.

Catelynn Lowell shows off her new look

Catelynn shared a video on Instagram of her getting the procedure done.

She used the caption, “Sorry mom I’m getting my face tattooed.” She also used the hashtag, #browsonfleek.

The process looks a bit painful, but Catelynn doesn’t seem to flinch at all. When the tattoo artist asks her how she’s doing, Catelynn says “good”.

In a second video she shared, she’s shown getting her brows cleaned up, revealing the brand new look — which Catelynn seems to like.

She even shared a before-and-after photo, and people were quick to flood her with comments asking where they could get them done. For the majority, Catelynn also got lots of praise and compliments on her new look.

Catelynn Lowell’s new look gets praise after initially worrying fans

When Catelynn posted the first video, fans appeared concern that she was actually getting a face tattoo.

“I can’t believe you,” one person wrote, while others asked her if it hurt. Her caption alongside the photo about getting a face tattoo probably didn’t help the situation in terms of spreading concern.

It was just last week that Kailyn Lowry joked about getting her children’s initials tattooed on her forehead. She even posted a pretend picture of herself with the outline of the letters ILL to mimic Amber Rose’s new tattoo of her kids’ names on her face.

But Catelynn is no stranger to criticism, so even if she had gotten real ink done on her forehead, she probably wouldn’t care what people thought.

Just a few weeks ago, she revealed that she had given her daughter Novalee some pink hair extensions. Fans freaked out, but Catelynn told people to calm down, as they were merely hair extensions they had clipped into her real hair.

Teen Mom OG is currently on hiatus.

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