Teen Mom OG fans say Andrew Glennon is taking advantage of Amber Portwood amid latest financial demands

Teen Mom OG alum Andrew Glennon and ex Amber Portwood
Is Andrew Glennon taking advantage of Amber Portwood? Pic credit: @andrew.glennon and @realamberlportwood1__/Instagram

Andrew Glennon is requesting more money from Amber Portwood amid their child custody battle and Teen Mom OG fans think Andrew is taking advantage of Amber.

The custody battle between Amber and Andrew continues to intensify, with Andrew now requesting nearly $150K in child support and lawyer fees.

Amber Portwood’s baby daddy Andrew Glennon requests more than $120K in back child support, $20K in attorney fees, and weekly child support

In new testimony from a two-day court hearing in which Andrew and Amber went before a judge in their custody case, Andrew’s attorney provided worksheets detailing the amount he claims he’s owed in child support.

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Andrew is requesting that Amber pay $125,198 in back child support dating back to 2019. Specifically, Andrew requested that Amber pay “$1,000 per month toward her arrearage until it’s satisfied, so that would be $250 per week.”

In addition to back child support, Andrew is requesting that Amber reimburse him for his attorney fees, totaling $20K, which he requested be paid within 30 days. On top of that, Andrew wants $1,287 per week in child support from Amber.

Teen Mom OG fans learned of the news in a post shared by Teen Mom Fanz on Instagram, which was captioned, “#AndrewGlennon is now DEMANDING #AmberPortwood pays $125K in back child support, $20K in lawyer fees, AND weekly child support! Thoughts? ??”

Teen Mom OG fans sound off, say Andrew is taking advantage of Amber

Taking to the comments section, Teen Mom OG fans sounded off, many of them accusing Andrew of taking advantage of Amber financially.

One Teen Mom OG fan took Amber’s side in the matter and commented, “This man is money hungry. Amber’s not perfect but he gives me icky vibes.”

Another felt Andrew was taking advantage of Amber and wrote, “Another man just looking to gain something from one of these girls. Now he’s doing too much.”

on IG teen mom og fans think andrew glennon is using amber portwood to get money
Pic credit: @teenmomfanz/Instagram

Pointing out that Andrew and James, the former couple’s 4-year-old son, have been living in Amber’s previous home, one fan wrote, “???? he’s been living in her house!!”

“Dang! Leave her alone …. Just money hungry,” wrote another fan who felt Andrew’s intentions centered around Amber’s paychecks.

Did Andrew have this planned all along? One fan thought so: “I feel like he targeted her. I’m not an Amber fan at all.. but the way he is moving through all this makes me think this was his plan all along.”

Andrew’s latest request comes on the heels of him proposing to move James out of Indiana and relocate to Malibu, California as well as limit Amber’s visitation with James. In addition, Andrew offered fans meet-and-greets with James if they paid $10K towards his GoFundMe app project.

With all of the new information popping up amid their custody case, it looks as though Amber and Andrew will be battling it out in court even longer.

Teen Mom OG is currently on hiatus.

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