Andrew Glennon accused of offering $10K meet-and-greets with Amber Portwood’s son James

Teen Mom OG exes Andrew Glennon and Amber Portwood
Andrew Glennon was accused of offering fans paid meet-and-greets with his and Amber Portwood’s son James. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom OG alum Andrew Glennon was accused of offering fans the opportunity to meet his and Amber Portwood’s son James during paid meet-and-greets.

Amid Andrew and Amber’s bitter, ongoing custody battle over their 4-year-old son James, it was alleged that Andrew made the offer to his fans.

Teen Mom OG alum Andrew Glennon accused of ‘offering fans meet-and-greet with son James for $10K’

Andrew was accused of telling his fans they could meet him and James in person if they donated money as part of a GoFundMe to help launch his “passion project.”

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According to Andrew’s testimony, as obtained by The Sun, the 37-year-old former cinematographer created his GoFundMe to help raise money to create Preggie Brain, a “pregnancy trivia card game.”

“It was inspired by the birth of James, and reading all the pregnancy books I wanted there to be a finding easy way to get all the same information in a card game,” Andrew divulged. “So, it’s been a passion project of mine, I guess you could say.”

When questioned by Amber’s attorneys under oath, Andrew said that he wanted to see how his GoFundMe would fare in order to “see what [the] response would be and it was nothing. Somebody donated $25 and I reimbursed them.”

The attorney dove deeper into Andrew’s intentions and asked, “Now, based on levels of funding, you were offering opportunities to people that provided funding to this game is that correct?”

Andrew agreed and the attorney continued their line of questioning: “And specifically for $10,000, you agreed that anyone could be flown out to have dinner with the creators and meet the little angel who started this all that’s referring to James, is that correct?”

According to the court records, Andrew admitted that he did.

“So, if someone was willing to pay $10,000, You were willing to let them have access to James, is that correct?” Amber’s attorney continued.

However, Andrew claimed that wasn’t exactly his intention and explained, “No, no, no, not entirely. I mean, the way that I thought of it was, since I’m always in the care of James, that if I meet anybody, James is always gonna be with me. But there’s no such timeshares with my child or anything like that, in the sense.”

Andrew and Amber’s custody battle continues to get messy

Andrew recently proposed uprooting James from his Indiana home and moving him to Malibu, California to live with Andrew’s mom. Part of Andrew’s proposition also suggested that Amber’s visitations with James be reduced.

Amber’s loved ones spoke out after learning of Andrew’s intentions and felt that she’s made strides, trying to change for the better, and shouldn’t be kept from James for her past mistakes.

“Amber is not the same person she used to be. She’s been fighting for James for two-and-a-half years and done everything that’s been asked of her,” a source close to Amber said. “She loves her kids more than anything and sees no reason why her son should be separated from his mother.”

Teen Mom OG is currently on hiatus.

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