Teen Mom OG fans call Maci Bookout’s husband Taylor McKinney ‘entitled’ for not having a ‘real job’

Taylor McKinney of Teen Mom OG
Teen Mom OG fans are curious what Taylor McKinney does for a living. Pic credit: MTV

After the latest episode of Teen Mom OG, viewers are asking if Maci Bookout’s husband, Taylor McKinney, has a “real job.”

Taylor has been a prominent cast member on Teen Mom OG alongside his wife of five years, Maci Bookout.

Taylor McKinney has earned the respect of Teen Mom OG viewers

Teen Mom OG viewers have come to know Taylor to have a very calm, easygoing demeanor; but he can get feisty when it comes to defending his wife and kids.

As stepdad to Maci’s son, Bentley Edwards, Taylor has stepped up in his role, as well as being a father to his and Maci’s kids, Jayde and Maverick.

Taylor took a stance against Maci’s ex, Ryan Edwards’s parents, Jen and Larry, during last season’s Teen Mom OG reunion special.

Last season, Teen Mom OG viewers watched Taylor support Maci as she worked through PTSD after witnessing a gas station shooting.

Despite Taylor’s well-liked reputation, after the last episode of Teen Mom OG, viewers are questioning his work ethic.

During the episode, Maci asked Taylor to help her organize their garage while they both had a few hours free.

Instead of offering to help Maci with the garage, Taylor made plans to go golfing with his friends, which irritated some Teen Mom OG fans.

One Teen Mom OG fan took to Reddit and created a thread discussing what Taylor does with all the free time he seemingly has on the show.

Teen Mom OG viewers wonder what Taylor McKinney does for a living, call him ‘entitled’

“Does this guy do anything?” the post asked other Teen Mom OG fans. “He went from riding motorcycles to the Teen Mom franchise.”

“Never really worked as far as I know. And now he’s complaining about doing a few hours of cleaning his own garage as he literally melts into the couch cause he wants to go golfing instead. Entitled much?! Waaaaa! ?” the post continued.

Other Teen Mom OG fans chimed in about what they think Taylor does all day.

teen mom og fans discussed taylor mckinney's career on reddit
Teen Mom OG fans discussed Taylor’s career. Pic credit: u/Maringirl1/Reddit

One Teen Mom OG fan mocked Taylor and Maci’s apparel brand, Things That Matter, as well as Taylor when they commented, “He’s a t-shirt salesman. Hard work – lots o’ rest needed.”

Things That Matter, also abbreviated as TTM, is a brand that Taylor and Maci created to bring attention to what matters to a wide variety of populations.

Earlier this year, Maci and Taylor dropped some new TTM merchandise that threw shade at Maci’s ex Ryan Edwards’s wife, Mackenzie.

Mocking a comment that Mackenzie Edwards made about Maci, the shirts read #PETTYB*TCH, #TEAMTAYLOR, and #TEAMBENTLEY.

Fans continued to comment on the post. “He does a lot! He mooches off of Macy’s [z-list] fame,” wrote another Teen Mom OG viewer, mocking what Taylor does to earn a living.

Another Teen Mom OG viewer pointed out that many of the cast members from the show don’t work typical, 9-5 jobs.

They commented, “To be fair, very few people affiliated with Teen Mom actually have real jobs.”

Teen Mom OG airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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